Indagini nel museo polisensoriale


Robot players?

Bryce Wolkowitz gallery, NYC, during Armory Show

Alan Rath, Yes, Yes, Yes!

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The long tendril-like feathers of this waving creature couldnt help catching the eyes of passers-by in Chelsea, which is probably why the thing was there, in spite of the fact that its lovely sounds were overwhelmed by those of the traffic on the street. Strangely enough, whoever put a film of this kinetic sculpture up on Vimeo actually neglected to put the sound as well, though it is a very important component of the work. This is a case of digitally controlled movement in which the mechanism makes sounds that do not seem purely necessary for its functioning. The sounds of operation have been somehow enhanced, I would guess, to add personality to the object. Listen through to the end, where the machine gets downright orchestral.