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Future of Imagination 6

Sculpture Square and Singapore Art Museum, Singapore

International Performance Art Event. In 2010 are invited Black Market international (BMi) together with artists working in Singapore and the region. Black Market international (BMi) founded in 1985 has been presenting its unique, durational performances throughout the world in a range of venues and locations. There will be an attempt to use public and outdoor spaces.

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Artistic Directors: Lee Wen and Kai Lam

"Future of Imagination", a time based, performance art event was first held at the Substation on 6 December 2003. Given the limited budget and other intrinsic conditions of the local art scene, we are proud to say that the event was a considerable success. We would like to reiterate our concerns and aspirations to reinvigorate a positive situation for performance art and time-based art practitioners in Singapore. Our aims remain to significantly re-define and to kindle interests as well as promote the visibility of the practice of performance art and time-based art.

We had a successful follow-up with "Future of Imagination 2" at the Sculpture Square in December 2004. The event was named one of the ten most important art events of the year by the National Arts Council. Following that we organized "Future of Imagination 3" with increased intensity at the Substation and Singapore Art Museum in April 2006. "Future of Imagination 4 and 5" continued to cross-examine performance and live art practice within the international context. We invited foreign artists together with artists working in Singapore. With careful consideration, the artists are invited to provide a wider spectrum in order to present a balanced program so as to reveal the open range of possibilities while working in raw explorations of body, space and time-based performances. Some specifically exploring performance as an intrinsic utopian universal language, yet others embark on the body as sound, audio or visual producers. Yet others address performance art in terms of social subjectivities or interventions. Ours is an age of intense globalization and we as artists organizers sincerely believe that such an event will help increase international cultural exchange and understanding as well as being a continuity of developing of our artistic practice, research and growth.

We hope to continue our efforts to raise a heightened sensitivity and accentuate appreciation for time-based, performance art as a legitimate art form in itself by organizing "The Future of Imagination 6". We would like to continue efforts to encourage a committed discourse by holding workshops, a forum and a catalog publication based on the writings and documentation of previous year’s event. In addition to the presentation of live performances we would like to have some workshops to be conducted by some of the invited artists before or during the event. This is part of our desire to enhance awareness as well as to make comparative studies between the different practices of performance artists.

In 2010 we would like to invite Black Market international (BMi) together with artists working in Singapore and the region. Black Market international (BMi) founded in 1985 has been presenting its unique, durational performances throughout the world in a range of venues and locations. The group currently consists of twelve regular members: Norbert Klassen (CH), Helge Meyer (D), Alastair MacLennan (UK), Boris Nieslony (D), Jacques Maria van Poppel (NL), Elvira Santamaria (MEX), Marco Teubner (D), Julie Andree T. (CA), Roi Vaara (FIN), Lee Wen (SG), Miriam Laplante (I), Jürgen Fritz (D).

An important element of BMI is that each member has an established and independent practice as a solo performance artist. BMI is not concerned with the formation of group identity but acts as a platform that allows individual performance artists to encounter each other. The title 'Black Market' does not designate a group, but rather an idea of working. In FOI6 artists of Black Market international (BMi) will present a group as well as solo performances, working towards culminating in an encounter with artists from Singapore in the finale presentation on 11 April 2010.

FOI3 in 2006 worked in collaboration with Malaysian artists Liew Kung Yu and Ray Langenbach to help bring the international artists and some Singapore artists to participate in "Satu Kali", first performance art symposium, held in Kuala Lumpur just prior to our event. Another parallel program, "Fetter Fields" organized by Lina Adam, Jeremy Hiah and Natasha Wei showcased 10 young Singapore based artists. The performances were held during the daytime before the FOI3 program begins in the evenings. There was an attempt to use public and outdoor spaces. It was good exposure and experience to allow the young artists to present their works to an international audience. We would like to work with this similar model of collaboration with neighboring countries. FOI4 in 2007 we collaborated with Indonesian artists, Arahmaini and Iwan Wijono to bring invited artists after our event in Singapore to Jogjakarta for another performance art event "Maju Jaya", organized by Indonesian artists in Jogjakarta. FOI5 in 2008 was organized in collaboration with Thai artists Chumpon Apisuk and Nopawan Sirivejkul who were hosting the 10th anniversary of Asiatopia International Performance Art Festival with a month long event at the new Bangkok Art and Culture Centre. Artists taking part in FOI5 also participated in Asiatopia either before or after our event in Singapore.

FOI6 will work in collaboration with Melati Suryodarmo to bring participating artists to Solo, Indonesia prior to the event in Singapore. Performance Art Laboratory Project (PALA Project) (29 March to 2 of April 2010) and "undisclosed territory #4" performance art event (3 & 4, April 2010) will be organized by Padepokan Lemah Putih in Solo where Black Market international (BMi) together with other international artists from Taiwan, China, Japan, Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia will go through the process of inter-cultural research, dialogue and exchange on performance art and culminating in presentations newly informed by the discussions and development of the PALA Project and "undisclosed territory #4" in Solo.

Alastair MacLennan (UK/Ireland)
Amanda Heng (Singapore)
Angie Seah (Singapore)
Boris Nieslony (Germany)
Elvira Santamaría (Mexico)
Helge Meyer (Germany)
Jacques van Poppel (The Netherlands)
Jason Lim (Singapore)
Jeremy Hiah (Singapore)
Juliana Yasin (Singapore)
Julie Andrée T. (Canada)
Jürgen Fritz (Germany)
Kai Lam (Singapore)
Lee Wen (Singapore)
Lynn Lu (Singapore)
Marco Teubner (Germany)
Melati Suryodarmo (Indonesia)
Myriam Laplante (Canada/Italy)
Norbert Klassen (Switzerland)
Roi Vaara (Finland)
Sabrina Koh (Singapore)
Vichukorn Tangpaiboon (Thailand)
Zai Kuning (Singapore)

Sculpture Square and Singapore Art Museum
155 Middle Road Singapore 188977

Future of Imagination 6
dal 6/4/2010 al 10/4/2010

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