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Three Exhibitions

Thinkspace, Culver City

Anthony Pontius uses a variety of media to create his haunted and stark landscapes inhabited by strange creatures and degraded machinery. Tina Ziegler has selected an array of artists from her recent book to take part in the exhibition celebrating the release of Hunt & Gather: Discovering New Art. 'Vision' is a special group show featuring new works by Adam Caldwell, David MacDowell, Jacub Gagnon, Jennifer Nehrbass, among the others.

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Anthony Pontius
'the caped cobra and his merry band of riders’
Main Gallery

“Gorgeously apocalyptic and subtly infused with a dark whimsy, Anthony Pontius uses a variety of media (mostly oils and pencil on wood panel) to create his haunted and stark landscapes that have a strange resonance to the unearthly works of Bosch, inhabited by strange creatures and degraded machinery. With narratives looking like the end of a bleak fairy tale that did NOT end happily ever after, the canvas is then splashed with streaks and blotches, and re-worked with pencil creating intricate scarred vignettes of ghostly words and images. Each painting is suffused with a smoggy, smothered glow that creates an evocative and enigmatic aura.” (Kirsten Anderson / Roq La Rue Gallery)

The caped cobra and his merry band of riders are a group of humans that evolved during the end of the technological world of old... in order to survive, they must coexist with nature by any means... much like early human nomads, the band traverse the land searching for their long lost connections to the world... as they grow the union establishes a new identity...

Pontius currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. He has taught extensively at the Des Moines Art Center, the University of Kansas, the Lawrence Arts Center and the Herron School of Art and Design. His work has been exhibited in many galleries, universities and venues nationally.

Pontius creates via a variety of mediums (mostly oils on wood panel and graphite on paper) to create his beautifully apocalyptic landscapes that bring to mind the unearthly works of the great Hieronymus Bosch. Infused with a dark whimsy all his own, Pontius’ narratives bring to mind the dark fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm. His work is infused with a spirit that is hard to pinpoint, a sort of underlying frentic energy created via his intense layering technique. Beneath the smog defused glow lies a ghostly underworld not that far removed from our own, although in Anthony’s world, there is no happily ever after.
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Hunt & Gather
curated by Tina Ziegler
Project room

‘Hunt & Gather’ – group show and book release featuring 12x12” works from Aaron Kraten, Andy Council, Deseo One, Carrie Ann Baade, Charles Wish, Chelsea Lewyta, Dave Pressler, Diva, Elizabeth Mcgrath, El Gato Chimney, Emilio Subira, Jshea9, Plastic God, Scott Belcastro, Scott Campbell, Scott Radke, Tanner Goldbeck, Tessar Lo, Tiffany Liu, Timothy Lee, and Victor Castillo - curated by Tina Ziegler

Hunt & Gather was curated by author and gallery director Tina Ziegler. Dedicated to fostering the relationships between artists and art enthusiasts, Ziegler has selected an array of artists from her recent book to take part in this special exhibition celebrating the release of Hunt & Gather: Discovering New Art. With this exhibition Ziegler has assembled a striking collection of surrealism, pop art, illustration, collage, graphic design and mixed media representing some of today's most boundary-pushing artists.

There will also be a special book-signing event featuring several of the artists featured in Hunt & Gather: Discovering New Art on the evening of Sat, April 10th. Additional details and a full lineup of participating artists at the signing will be announced closer to the signing event.

This special exhibition will feature 12x12” works from the participating artists.



Special group show featuring new works from a nice cross section of our roster including Adam Caldwell, Craig ‘Skibs’ Barker, David MacDowell, Derek Gores, Jacub Gagnon, Jennifer Nehrbass, Jeff Ramirez, Josie Morway, Linnea Strid, Liz Brizzi, Pakayla Rae Biehn, and Stella Im Hultberg

Read more about each artist here:

On April 1st, 2010 Thinkspace will relocate to an upscale new space (formerly the home of Kinsey DesForges and BLK/MRKT) at 6009 Washington Blvd in the heart of Culver City, one of LA’s leading art districts. After four years in Silver Lake, the time has come for the gallery to take things to another level both in terms of presentation and profile. With this move we aim to enhance our ongoing program and provide an ever-growing base to some of the most exciting emerging contemporary artists from around the world.

For Press and Publicity Inquiries Please Contact:
Andrew Hosner
Cell: 310.403.8549

Opening Reception Fri, April 9th 7-10PM with several of the artists in attendance

Thinkspace (new address)
6009 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232
Gallery hours Wed-Sat 1-6PM
free admission

Two exhibiton
dal 12/7/2013 al 2/8/2013

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