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Works by artists who paint directly onto the wall

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"The artist is a man who must go beyond the individualist stage and struggle to reach the collective stage. He must go further than the self - strip himself of his individuality, leave it behind, reject it - and plunge into anonymity. [...] a mural painting is determined by the architecture, by the surfaces - the forms, the volumes, the planes - so that there is a complete fusion of landscape, architecture and painting." Charbonier, Georges. "Entretien avec Joan Miró", Le monologue du peintre. Paris: René Julliard, 1959, p. 120. Radio interview with Joan Miró, 1951.

The Joan Miró Foundation will be putting on an exhibition of works by artists who paint directly onto the wall and who come from as far afield as West Africa, Mexico and the United States as well as Europe.

"Murals" will represent a meeting point and a creative space for mural painters of our time. The Foundation will be inviting ten artists to work on the walls of the temporary exhibition areas, and the process will be filmed and published as a DVD, thus allowing the public to see in close up how they operate.

The exhibition aims to show different aspects of this art form. It will begin with the very traditional and anonymous work of the Soninké women of Mauritania. This is followed by the paintings in dots of clay on a red ground by the Thai artist Sakarin Krue-On. In the Olive Tree Patio there will be a vertical ivy garden designed by Jerónimo Hagerman, which will also be visible from inside the temporary exhibition area, where it will share the space with examples of street art: the graffiti by UTRcrew, from Bosnia-Herzegovina, and by Operation Art Core, from Singapore.

The show continues with the work of artists who generally intervene in public places, such as the German muralist Lothar Götz and the Spanish duo Eltono and Nuria. These serve as a transition towards other examples of present-day mural art, such as the works by Brian Rea, Ludovica Gioscia and Paul Morrison.

Finally, crossing the boundaries of mural art in the strict sense of the term, there will be one room in which the public will be able to interact with Jacob Dahlgren's wall of targets.


Coopérative Féminine de Djajibiné Gandega "Djida"

Sakarin Krue-On
1965, Mae Hongson (Thailand). Lives and works in Rajaburi (Thailand)

Lothar Götz
1963, Günzburg (Germany). Lives and works in London

Jerónimo Hagerman
1967, Mexico DF


ScopeOne - Kings Destroy - Operation Art Core

Eltono & Nuria

Brian Rea

Ludovica Gioscia
1977, Rome (Italy)

Paul Morrison
1966, Liverpool (United Kingdom)

Jacob Dahlgren
1970, Stockholm (Sweden)

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