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Michael Reisch
dal 29/4/2010 al 2/7/2010
Tues-Sat 11am-6pm

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Michael Reisch

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Michael Reisch

Hengesbach Gallery, Berlin

New landscapes which are realistic and fictitious at the same time

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His landscapes are deserted, nothing happens at all, an uncanny stillness prevails. We feel attracted to them, but our eye does not find any place to rest. Although they show an infinite array of details, those do not combine to moments to dwell upon. These landscapes are osseous and self referential. They have no scale, and we cannot relate to them from the standpoint of our own stature. Michael Reisch (*1964, lives in Dusseldorf) creates landscapes which are realistic and fictitious at the same time. Departing from a photographic picture, he builds digital images which reveal something about our conceptions and expectations of nature rather than about nature itself.

Two exhibitions
dal 25/4/2013 al 21/6/2013

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