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SOUnd ART exhibition

La Casa Encendida, Madrid

Works by national and international artists

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La Casa Encendida is organising the first SOUnd ART exhibition ever to take place in Madrid. Curated by José Manuel Costa, the show aims to provide spectators with the opportunity to learn more about the complexity of sound art and its multiple forms through the work created by different national and international artists over the course of the last decade. SOUnd ART is therefore not just an exhibition – it is also a festival of sound performance, including film screenings, music, radio, workshops and other such activities.

The exhibition proper will be held in various spaces at La Casa Encendida (exhibition halls, staircases, terrace, tower and clock), as well as in the gardens adjacent to the old observatory near Atocha and in a variety of urban spaces in the vicinity of La Casa Encendida.

La Casa Encendida will also play host to a broad programme of film and music events all connected to sound art. A detailed catalogue will be published and towards the end of the exhibition a number of workshops will be organised.

The works to be shown at La Casa Encendida are large-format pieces, including among others Angela Bulloch’s massive Disenchanted Forest x 1001 sculpture, a new piece by Ryoji Ikeda (test pattern [nº2]), an installation by Carsten Nicolai based on his former works Anti and Reflex, and Minoru Sato’s "mute" sound sculpture.

But the show will also feature aspects of sound art in spaces not normally used for exhibition purposes, surprising visitors as they stroll through the dynamic, vibrant building that houses La Casa Encendida. The terrace will provide the backdrop for works by Chris Watson, Katja Kölle, Riches/Miwa and Llorenç Barber, and for the duration of SOUnd ART it will come alive with the sound of the bells ringing out the hours from the building’s old clock tower. In other places, Douglas Kahn will take over a staircase, Andrés Ramírez Gaviria will install one of his interactive pieces, and so on and so forth in different parts of the building. Meanwhile, La Sonidera will offer an overview of the artistic potential of radio through a special auditory programme.

Over the course of two weeks, alternative spaces in the vicinity of La Casa Encendida and the observatory gardens will host sound installations by Steve Roden, Dawn Scarfe, Dan Saint Claire, José Igés/Concha Jeréz and the collective Escoitar.

There will also be a festival dedicated to sound performance in its myriad facets, featuring artists such as Jakob Kirkegaard, Jean-François Laporte, Michael Northam, Aki Onda, Pablo Palacio and Muriel Romero e Ilios.

La Casa Encendida
Ronda Valencia, 2 28012 Madrid
Opening hours
open from Monday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day of the year except national and Community of Madrid holidays.
Entrance free

Jose Antonio Suarez Londono
dal 18/2/2015 al 4/4/2015

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