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Fondation Cartier, Paris

a new 'Japonisme' or a post 'Japonisme' is emergency. Curator: Takashi Murakami

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When 'Japonisme' appearead in Europe (19th Century), the West enthusiastically embraced a different and astonishing culture - one that came from the East. This encounter was the origin of a new chapter in the history of Western art. This is why 'Coloriage' had to take place in Paris, the cradle of 'Japonisme'.
The current situation of contemporary art in Japan emphases the temporal and conceptual distance that separate it from traditional 'Japonisme'. Fully aware of the Western context in which it exists, Japanese art tries gradually to pull away from it and thus, a new 'Japonisme' or a post-'Japonisme' is emergency. The exhibition 'Coloriage' proposes to explore this emerging movement.

Coloriage = Nurie = Colouring book
After the Meiji Restoration, Japanese artists drew their inspiration from Western art. They took up its outlines 'colouring' them in with great diligence, but without any attempt to perceive their meaning.
Following its defeat in the Second World War, Japan was culturally bombarded by American culture. As American and European influences combined, the outlines became thicker. Eventually, the structure all of Japanese art and culture came completely from the outside world. Yet in the last ten years, the charm of 'colouring' has gradually lost its hold over the Japanese art world. Today we create new outlines on our own - perhaps disorderly at times, but ours nonetheless, without any origin in the Western 'fine arts'. This new movement finds its origins in what the West might call subculture. However, the Japanese culture from which this new 'colouring book' sees no difference bettween the mainstreem and subculture.
The seeds of this new art are presented at the Fondation Cartier, the 'launching pad' of contemporary art in Paris.

Curator of the exhibition Takashi Murakami


Chiho Aoshima
Kiichi Tsutaya
Kishin Shinoyama
Makoto Aida
Mika Kato
Rei Sato
Rokuro Taniuschi
Shigeru Mizuki
Takeshi Kitano

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