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Photography without photographer
dal 21/5/2010 al 30/8/2010
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Marta Morais

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Photography without photographer

Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art, Porto

Books and images of approximately thirty artists

sintesi del comunicato stampa

From the 1990s onwards, photography has been used as a tool by many visual artists, explored in all its myriad forms and formats. Several artists, such as Christian Boltanski and Hans-Peter Feldmann, use photography as the main medium of their works. Others, such as Ben Vautier and Sol LeWitt, use it only on a sporadic basis. Others, such as Paulo Brusky, Dieter Roth and Endre Tot, integrate photography in their works through different manners. But all these artists develop projects in the form of publications, where the photographic format remains close to its traditional use. These projects nonetheless differ from traditional photography and photo albums to the extent that the artists use a wide array of manual and technical manipulation techniques and construct sequences that, from page to page, form coherent sets that develop over time and space. This exhibition essentially displays books and images from publications and involves the collaboration of approximately thirty artists. Curator Guy Schraenen. From 3rd of July works by Marlene Dumas, curated by Ulrich Loock.

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