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L'Amour a la machine ... l'esca amorosa...
dal 2/7/2010 al 3/9/2010

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Galerie Esca

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L'Amour a la machine ... l'esca amorosa...

Galerie Esca/Ppcm, Nimes

Jemima Burrill, Patrick Jolley and Reynold Reynolds, Cecile Hesse and Gael Romier. The subject of the amorous relationship

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This show being held at the Ppcm in cooperation with the Esca gallery brings together the work of four artists represented in the Frac collections. It broaches the subject of the amorous relationship in its most everyday form. How do loving feelings circulate through household objects, by way of washing machines, amidst piles of plates, and shoe cleaning, etc? A video by Jemima Burrill, a film by Patrick Jolley and Raymond Reynolds, and a couple of photographs by the twosome Cecile Hesse and Gael Romier (who have been invited to produce a new piece) all make their contribution (at times hilarious, at others disquieting) to this solemn and universal existential problem. Last of all, the UCD collective offers you a new way of disseminating contemporary art through an automatic distributor, a "gallery in a box". This machine sells art multiples, small-format works numbered and published in editions of several copies. Curator Roger Bouvet; the exhibition proposed as part of the contemporary art festival Casanova Forever.


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