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Aichi Triennale 2010

Differents venues of Aichi District, Nagoya

Arts and Cities. Discover the world's cutting-edge art and performances.

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An international triennial festival, where arts and cities resonate together. A staging of the worldʼs cutting-edge contemporary art and stage performances.

The Aichi Triennale, an international arts festival that conveys the latest trends in art from Aichi to the world, will get under in August 2010. This will be the inaugural event and will be held every three years. It will introduce the worldʼs most cutting-edge art and exhibitions from video to stage, including performing arts and opera. The events will pursue radical forms of expression, involving dancing and theatre, from contemporary art encompassing 70 artists and units from Japan and overseas under the theme of "Arts and Cities."
The majority of the works will either be new or shown for the first time in Japan, able to be viewed only here in Aichi. Furthermore, the viewing of many of the works will not be limited to museums and theatres, but the works will also venture out onto the streets, in such locations as public squares, parks and even to a historical textile wholesale district. The works will provide fascinating, extraordinary sights backed by an everyday urban setting. The power of art will be experienced through a mere stroll down a street. So please come out to this thrilling urban celebration, where the streets turn into art spaces.

Artistic Director: Akira Tatehata, Director of the National Museum of Art, Osaka

Pier Luigi Tazzi Art Critic, Independent Curator, Lives and works in Italy
Jochen Volz Director, Inhoteim Contemporary Art Center Lives and works in Brazil
Masahiko Haito, Chief Curator, Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art
Hinako Kasagi, Curator, Nagoya City Art Museum
Takashi Echigoya, [Films] Senior Curator of Films, Arts Promotion Service, Aichi Arts Center
Eri Karatsu, [Performing Arts] Senior Curator of Performing Arts, Arts Promotion Service, Aichi Arts Center
Guest Curator:
Emmanuelle de Montgazon, Independent Curator, Lives and works in France
Associate Curators:
Fuyumi Namioka, Independent Curator, Lives in Switzerland and works in Italy
Hisako Hara, Professor of Osaka Electro-Communication University

Participating artists and artist groups at the International Exhibitions of Contemporary Art:
Futo Akiyoshi / Juan Arajo / Zoulikha Bouabedellah / Merve Berkman / Adel Abdessemed / Cai Guo Qiang / Michelangelo Consani / Cerith Wyn Evans/ Tom Friedman / Yang Fudong / Cyprien Gaillard / Gelitin / Oliver Herring / Huang Shih Chieh / Ryoji Ikeda / Oh Inhwan / Amar Kanwar / Jacob Kirkegaard / Lucia Koch / Takehito Koganezawa / Yayoi Kusama / Joo Choon Lin / Firoz Mahmud / Shiro Matsui / Aiko Miyanaga / Tatzu Nishi / Raquel Ormella / Hans Op de Beeck / Amalia Pica / Roland Rauschmeier, Achim Stiermann / Pip & Pop / Navin Rawanchaikul / Jirayu Rengjaras / Santiago Sierra / Lieko Shiga / Shimabuku / Chiharu Shiota / Kamen Stoyanov / Tadasu Takamine / Tatiana Trouvé / Tsang Kin Wah / Hema Upadhyay / Jin Me Yoon / Sun Yuan + Peng Yu / Héctor Zamora/ Zhang Huan and more.

Participating artists and artist groups for the Performing Arts (stage performances):
Antonia Baehr / chelfitsch / Steven Cohen / Tim Etchells / Forced Entertainment / Jan Fabre / Delgado Fuchs / Oriza Hirata + Ishiguro Laboratory (Osaka University) / Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker + Jérôme Bel+ Ictus / Sonia Khurana / La Ribot / Rosas / Hiroaki Umeda / Fuyuki Yamakawa and more.

International Exhibition of Contemporary Arts

About 70 artists/groups from around the world will be showing their work. This will be Japanʼs largest-scale international exhibition to introduce cutting-edge art.
The works will be centered around the Aichi Arts Center, in addition to the venues of the Nagoya City Art Museum, the Choja-machi site (a textile wholesale district), the Nayabashi site, and other locations on city streets.
Spectacular works of art with the power to mesmerize large audiences will be displayed in urban spaces, including those that symbolize Aichi and Nagoya, such as Oasis 21 (Yayoi Kusama will present her works) and Nagoya Castle (Ryoji Ikeda). In addition, many artists will be introduced for the first time in Japan, and keen interest is being shown in them both in Japan and from overseas.
Most of the participating artists will survey the locations where their art is to be unveiled. New works, whose viewing will be limited to Aichi, are planned to go on show.

Performing Arts (Stage performances)

There will be cutting-edge presentations, which go across artistic fields, by around 20 artists/groups. At the Mini Theater, performances are programmed in almost all the weekends during the Triennale. Its audience will witness the front line of physical expressions. As a finale of series of performances, a world-famous dance company, Rosas, will present an unconventional performance with a contemporary music ensemble, Ictus, at the Theater.
To be shown at Gallery G, 8th floor of the Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art, will be advanced and experimental expressions of an interdisciplinary nature, incorporating the visual and performing arts. These works are certain to generate keen interest, as they have rarely been shown in Japan before.
A large-scale opera, "Les Contes DʼHoffmann," will also be staged by Asher Fisch, a conductor well known in the great opera houses of the world, and Japanese stage director Jun Aguni.

Exhibition through a Curatorial Competition

Exhibitions selected in competition will be presented at the Aichi Arts Center and Choja-machi site.
This is a collection of exhibits that give multifaceted and unique perspectives that canʼt be viewed at other international exhibitions.
Aichi Arts Center exhibition: 9 exhibitions selected from a total of 204 (139 from Japan, 65 from 24 other countries) Choja-machi site exhibition: Application period was March 1 to 31, 2010. 12 designs to be selected

Film Presentation Program

About 30 short and long versions of films will be screened during a two-week period at the Mini Theater of the Aichi Arts Center.
The cutting-edge films are from around the world and encompass the theme of "Facing the Second Century of Film."

Educational program

Kids Triennale
The "Kidsʼ Room (name is provisional)," a space for discovery and creation will open where kids can come and enjoy creative activities, set up at Gallery J at the Aichi Arts Center. There will also be workshops where the kids can create and experiment together with artists, held mainly on weekends.

Site-specific Performances

Dance, music, drama and other types of performances will be held in Choja-machi site and other urban spaces as well as at the forum and pedestrian deck of the Aichi Arts Center.

Symposium on international exhibitions

Date: Afternoon of Aug. 21st (Sat.)
Location: Aichi Arts Center
Content: A symposium on international exhibitions that will invite representatives of organizations of international exhibitions held in Japan, China and South Korea (the Yokohama Triennale, Shanghai Biennale, Guangzhou Triennale, Gwangju Biennale, Busan Biennale).

Exhibit of works by Xijing Men

Xijing Men is an artistsʼ unit of three from three countries: Tsuyoshi Ozawa of Japan, Chen Shaoxiong of China and Gimhongsok of South Korea. So far, four episodes of works have been unveiled: "Chapter 1: Do you know Xijing?" "Chapter 2: Here is Xijing/The Journey to the World Out There" "Chapter 3: Welcome to Xijing/Xijing Olympics" "Chapter 4: I Love Xijing/A Daily Life of Xijing Universityʼs President." Finally, a new work of Chapter 5 and the final one will be unveiled at the Aichi Triennale 2010.

Concurrent programs

Art museums and concert halls in Aichi Prefecture will feature programs on contemporary art and music.
To be held concurrently with the triennale, unified as well as mutual public-relations developments are planned and will be concurrent with exhibitions at the Nagoya/ Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Toyota Municipal Museum of Art, the University Art Museum of Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music, and concerts at the Science Museum of Chubu Electric Power. There are plans to expand these events.

Organizers: The Aichi Triennale Organizing Committee, Aichi Arts Center, Nagoya Art Museum

Nanjo and Associates
Twin Building Daikanyama B-102, 30-8 Sarugakucho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0033
TEL:03-3461-0975 FAX:03-3780-0753 E-mail:
Contact: Yuko Nishiyama, Yasuko Ichikawa

Venues: Aichi Arts Center, Nagoya City Art Museum, Choja-machi area, Nayabashi area
Other surrounding areas include Oasis 21, office buildings and shopping areas of Hirokoji-dori, and Nagoya Castle.
Various cultural and artistic facilities will also cooperate.

Regular ticket: Adults 1,800yen, University students 1,300yen, High school students 700yen
Group ticket: Adults 1,400yen, University students 1,000yen, High school students 400yen
Passport ticket: Adults 3,500yen, University students 2,500yen, High school students 1,200yen

Aichi Triennale 2010
dal 20/8/2010 al 30/10/2010

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