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Art Now: Pablo Bronstein and Janice Kerbel
dal 7/5/2010 al 16/10/2010

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Selina Jones

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Art Now: Pablo Bronstein and Janice Kerbel

Tate Britain, London

A formal landscape and a selection of print-based works

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Drawing on the history of pleasure gardens and responding to the architecture of the Millbank site, Pablo Bronstein has transformed Tate Britain's outdoor sculpture court into a formal landscape. Through the placement of plants, seating and statuary Bronstein directs our movements and encourages the visitor to be considered as an aesthetic element within the setting. The project culminates in an outdoor play specially choreographed for the garden. Until 15 august for Art Now, Janice Kerbel presents a selection of print-based works including new work from Remarkable - text-based poster prints that imagine extraordinary beings and acts in the style of a 19th-century fairground attractions. Behind Kerbel's diverse works lies a facination with the possibility of realising an impossible event or encounter.

Susan Philipsz
dal 19/11/2015 al 2/4/2016

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