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Richard Wright
dal 9/9/2002 al 26/10/2002
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Richard Wright

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Richard Wright

Gagosian Gallery, London

This is the way I think that painting can turn up the unforeseeable

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This is the way I think that painting can turn up the unforeseeable.

In the end the position of the work could be half of the work for me.
In the first instance the work has the possibility to effect or change the way you are drawn through the space it therefore has the potential to reveal the space in a new aspect.
Extracts from a conversation text between Richard Wright and Adam Szymczyk, which appears in the forthcoming publication about Richard Wright by Kunstverein Düsseldorf, September 2002.

Gagosian Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of new work by Richard Wright. The exhibition will include wall paintings, silk-screened posters and works on paper. Wright will determine the compositions as he paints them directly onto the gallery walls over the next few weeks. Their colours, motifs and scale emerge as he works.

Wright has become well known for his visual language of line and colour. His works vary dramatically in their scale and motifs, from whole spaces covered with line and colour, like those featured in the British Art Show in Edinburgh and most recently in Kunstverein Düsseldorf, to the tight compositions of wild gothic or baroque tattoo-like markings such as those shown at Gagosian Gallery, New York and Tate Liverpool.

This is Wright’s first solo exhibition in London, and the first chance to see a spectrum of his practice. The announcement card for this exhibition is a specially commissioned folded print edition. Wright currently has a major exhibition at the Kunsteverein Dusseldorf and will participate in ''Drawing Now: Eight Propositions'' at MoMA QNS starting October 19th, 2002.

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