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S. Mark Gubb
dal 4/8/2010 al 10/9/2010
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S. Mark Gubb

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S. Mark Gubb

Concrete Hermit, London

The Bewildered Herd - Text Works and Other Things, 2004-2010

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Following a successful show at Ceri Hand gallery, Liverpool, in February, Concrete Hermit is pleased to welcome Cardiff-based artist S. Mark Gubb to it’s gallery space in August. Gubb’s work encompasses Sculpture, installation, Video and Performance. ‘The Bewildered Herd’ will explore Gubb’s use of text within his work from 2004-2010.

Gubb draws on a teenage obsession with music – particularly Heavy Metal – to re-evaluate equally fascinating and banal aspects of contemporary culture. Low-brow politcal agents – such as hand-made signage and graffiti – become vehicles for a more optimistic ideal; the occasionally offensive, spontaneous and naive nature of graffiti, signage etc are replaced by the greater-than-thou lyrics of the likes of Led Zep and Slayer. By mythologising these statements, and placing them on a pedestal, Gubb emphasises a teenage desire for greatness and immortality. The work, in the form of posters, both hand painted and printed, invite us to reflect our desire and ability to impact upon and change the world we inhabit.

Previous exhibitions include Here Today, Gone Tomorrow at The City Gallery, Leicester, Everyone Knows This is Nowhere at the Castlefield Gallery, Manchester and a live re-enactment of the Death of Peter Fechter, commissioned by the ICA.

A series of limited edition posters and artworks will be presented in the Concrete Herit shop.
S. Mark Gubb: The Bewildered Herd – Text Works and Other Things, 2004-2010
S. Mark Gubb appears courtesy of Ceri Hand Gallery, Liverpool.

Private View Thursday 5th August 2010, 6-9pm

Concrete Hermit
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S. Mark Gubb
dal 4/8/2010 al 10/9/2010

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