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Tatton Park Biennial 2010

Tatton Park, Knutsford

Framing Identity

comunicato stampa

The inaugural exhibition in 2008 set the scene for future Biennials in 2010 and 2012, with a commitment to place, site and multiple histories encapsulated in the themes of each Biennial year.

Danielle Arnaud & Jordan Kaplan are the Biennial curators for 2008-2012, bringing together a trilogy of events committed to the production of new, site-specific works that address time in a non-linear manner - future, past, present - to breathe new life into old debates and old ideas into new contexts.

The Biennial in these years begins with the site itself, with each edition producing works that, necessarily, move from the local to a more universal understanding of context and site-specificity.

The 2008 Biennial focussed on the collections held at Tatton Park; the current 2010 Biennial examines ideas about identity, its inherent politics and placement on a fluctuating planet; 2012 will explore flight in its most dynamic and cerebral sense - what we dream of, what we are capable of and what we must do to ensure survival and the flourishing of the imagination in a shrinking world view.

Tatton Park Biennial is dedicated to experimentation and evolution. The works commissioned are never known quantities at the point of commissioning. The Biennial offers itself up as a creative laboratory for artistic experimentation within the confines of an historically loaded setting.

The 2010 Biennial is commissioning over twenty artists to produce site-specific work considering identity, history and place-making in response to the estate. Half of the artists have been invited by the Biennial curators, another group has been nominated by peer arts organisations, and two further artists have been appointed as the result of open competitions.

Works on offer from May – September will range from interior installation to outdoor sculpture, from film and animation to performance and book works. Internationally established and mid-career artists will work alongside those with Regional profiles and recent graduates to create a cohesive examination of the site and the human impact on landscape.

Artists invited to take part in the Biennial include: Breda Beban, David Burrows, Fiona Curran, Jimmie Durham, Annika Errikson, Marcia Farqhuar, Jem Finer, Neville Gabie, Ryan Gander, Oona Grimes, Tony Grisoni, Austin Houldsworth, Sophie Lascelles, Helen Marten, Helen Maurer, Kate MccGwire, Steve Messam, Jamie Shovlin and Clara Ursitti.

A wide ranging programme of activities is scheduled for the 2010 Biennial.

Working around the idea of Framing Identity, the programme will reveal artists’ responses to the site and the intersections between contemporary art, culture, science and industry.

Biennial partners, academics, artists and curators will contribute to the programme and special weekends of events are scheduled throughout the five months of the Biennial.

Event Weekends:

29, 30 & 31 May
12 & 13 June
17 & 18 July
31 July & 1 August
28, 29 & 30 August

Image: Fiona Curran This time next year things are going to be different photo: Thierry Bal

Press contacts
Theresa Simon & Partners Ltd
9 Cork Street, London, W1S 3LL +44 (0)20 77344800

Vicky Wilby Marketing Manager, Tatton Park 01625 534417
Closed Mondays except Bank Holidays
10am-6pm (last entry to Mansion 4pm; last entry to Gardens 5pm)

Tatton Park Biennial 2012
dal 10/5/2012 al 29/9/2012

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