Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova
Itainen Rantakatu 4-6
+358 207 181640
dal 9/9/2010 al 30/10/2010

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Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova, Turku

International sound art

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An exhibition on international sound art brings forth artists whose primary mode of narration is sound. The exhibition is the first in Finland to comprehensively study what, and how, an artist may present in their work and how the audience may experience through sounds. Klangi gives a new perspective to the relationship between sound and visual art, the essence of sound and the power of its expression. A work of sound art may be a sculpture, performance or something so minimalistic that the only visual element is a loudspeaker or headphones. The artists are: Simo Alitalo (Finland), Sophie Belair Clement (Canada), Nigel Helyer (Australia), Rolf Julius (Germany), Christina Kubisch (Germany), Robin Minard (Canada) and Pessi Parviainen (Finland).

7th Turku Biennial
dal 9/6/2015 al 29/8/2015

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