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Nikos Doulos and Joao Evangelista
dal 30/9/2010 al 28/10/2010
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Rogier Brom - Expodium

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Nikos Doulos and Joao Evangelista

Expodium, Utrecht

Expodium Orbits n.3. Visual Translation: Archive of Impressions

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Expodium presents the process-based work of artists Nikos Doulos (GR) and João Evangelista (PT) on 'shrinking cities and emerging strategies', taken from their collaboration during their 64 days residency in Detroit (US).

Detroit's situation can be read as a visual manifestation of the new post-industrial city, a hybrid of a paradoxical alignment of the urban and the rural, taking place in a single geographical frame, wrapped in a mediatic representation caught between delusion and illusion, between 'ruin-porn' photography and the idea of a safe haven for artists.
The city displays far more complex signals that constitute the beginning of a whole new attempt towards a gentrification process, suggesting the rebirth of Detroit into a city of the future.

The multiple events scheduled during October 2010 will revolve around the traces and marks the residency left on the artists. Through a modular narrative in stages, the audience is invited to dive into Detroit's current state and future development.

01.10. 5pm | STATION ONE | Expodium
'Visual Translation: Archive of Impressions'
Exhibition following the one-month 'translation process' the artists have undergone since their arrival back in the Netherlands.

17.10. 5pm: STATION THREE – Kikker Theatre
Expodium's Detroit Residency @ IMPAKT FESTIVAL 2010 – MATRIX CITY
An evening event where the audience is invited to imagine the city landscape through arrivals and departures, an archive of impressions and stories being told.

Rogier Brom
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Image: Nikos Doulos

Opening: October 1st 17.00 - 20.00

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Open: Monday-Friday 10.00-18.00

Nikos Doulos and Joao Evangelista
dal 30/9/2010 al 28/10/2010

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