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Dirk Bell
dal 9/10/2010 al 27/10/2010
tuesday - saturday 10am - 6pm

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Dirk Bell

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Dirk Bell

Sadie Coles Balfour, London

Made in Germany

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Made in Germany. This is the second instalment of a touring project whose centrepiece is a 1987 Mercedes 230 that Bell has driven from Berlin to the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead - where it will return, via Glasgow, later this year. The show will be marked by a live act by the Haters, a noise performance duo from the USA. Bell's car is the literal and symbolic embodiment of his journey through the UK. An emblem of roaming escapism in the vein of Caspar David Friedrich, the car also encapsulates the spirit of the road movie or the road trip as evinced by Jack Kerouac's seminal work of the Beat Generation, On the Road (1957). The car has been branded on the outside with the hybrid word 'Panikearth', its back window bearing the IKEA logo - a bathetic reminder that this it is a utilitarian, as well as aesthetic, object. A light box coated with coloured translucent foil repeats the word in the style of an advertisement.

Dirk Bell
dal 9/10/2010 al 27/10/2010

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