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Katya Bonnenfant
dal 13/10/2010 al 8/1/2011
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Katya Bonnenfant

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Katya Bonnenfant

YBCA - Yerba Buena Center, San Francisco

La Destitution de la jeune fille (The Deposition of the Young Girl).

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Katya Bonnenfant approaches various subjects — including ideas around desire and judgment — with humor, whimsy and lightness of mood, even if the subjects themselves reject this levity. Her recent multimedia works involve hand-drawn scenarios translated into wallpaper applied to the wall. The imaginary creatures she draws populate a landscape that is at once minimalist and baroque. An animation of her signature amphibious critter, is projected onto the wall, interacting with the wallpaper scene. La Destitution de la jeune fille (The Deposition of the Young Girl) depicts warring monsters, representing concepts inspired by the philosophical theory of the French writers collective Tiqqun (1999–2001), calling for a new social order.

Image: © Katya Bonnenfant
Study for La Destitution de la jeune fille

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