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Kaspar Bonnen
dal 13/10/2010 al 29/1/2011

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Kaspar Bonnen

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Kaspar Bonnen

Brandts Mediemuseet, Fotokunst, Kunsthallen, Odense

The Room Can Never Be Closed

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How do we become who we are? How are our memories formed? How, for example, do we distinguish being in love from a religious experience? Can thoughts and emotions be distinguished? In Kaspar Bonnén’s exhibition The Room Can Never Be Closed, various emotions and experiences are assigned separate rooms, but the door leading from one room to the next is always left open. Corridors intersect, and in-between spaces are set up to convey a sense of diversity and of things going on, some of them simultaneously – like moving through a stream of consciousness.

Meta Collection Center
Kaspar Bonnén has previously worked with ideas concerning museums and museum collections, finding them comparable to the way our memories are constructed. In The Room Can Never Be Closed he also wants to explore how museum collections are likely to develop in the future. Are there possibilities other than to keep building? Will museums be virtual and thus take up less space? To examine this phenomenon, a small museum will be built: the Meta Collection Center at Kunsthallen Brandts. Here 10 Danish museums will show representative works. Aros, for example, will provide a video by Shirin Neshat. Statens Museum for Kunst will exhibit the ear of a horse and a Golden-Age painting. The Women’s Museum will show a knitted sanitary towel, and the Record Office will lend 18th-century documents.

About the Artist Kaspar Bonnén
Kaspar Bonnén (born 1968) is one of the most significant young artists in Denmark. While he was still at the Academy, he established Kørner’s Office together with his fellow artists John Kørner, Kirstine Roepstorff and Tal R. They organized untraditional shows, and Bonnén developed his artistic style in several genres, ranging from painting to sculpture, land art, computer art, video, installations and writing.
Kaspar Bonnén’s works often take as their point of departure the physical and social space of human beings. In 2008, he received the Eckersberg Medal. Bonnén is among the Danish artists who were invited to decorate the Frederik VIII Palace at Amalienborg (unveiled in 2010).

Kunsthallen Brandts will publish two exhibition catalogues. One describes the Meta Collection Center, envisioning the museum of the future. The other focuses on Kaspar Bonnén’s production of paintings, sculptures and installations for The Room Can Never Be Closed.

Further Information
Please contact curator Lene Burkard by phone at (+ 45) 65207017
Or, press manager Trine Søndergaard at (+ 45) 65207092

Opening on 14 October, 2010, at 5 p.m.

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