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Rising east
dal 14/10/2010 al 27/11/2010
Wed-Sun 11-18, Tue 11-20

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Laura Maifreni

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Rising east

Vitra Design Museum, Weil am Rhein

New chinese architecture 2000-2010

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New chinese architecture 2000-2010 (in the Buckminster Fuller Dome). Rising East - new chinese architecture 2000-2010 presents the works of young and very successful architects such as Ma Yansong (MAD Architects Office, Beijing) playing with their own new architectural forms. Their works reflect the increasing influence of life-style and multimedia formats on contemporary architecture of Chinese Cities, characterized through cultural densification and mounting functionality. Rem Koolhaas's idea that buildings represent a "social catalyser" becomes leitmotif.

Making Africa
dal 13/6/2015 al 12/9/2015

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