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Candice Breitz, Nuno Cera
dal 27/9/2002 al 13/10/2002
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Candice Breitz
Nuno Cera

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Candice Breitz, Nuno Cera

Kunstlerhaus Bethanien (old venues), Berlin

Breitz: Alien, Ten Songs from Beyond; a video installation, that presents a remix of German song culture. In Access, Cera shows a setting of the studio that was his place of work for a year

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In her video installation, Candice Breitz presents a remix of German song culture. This new interpretation of native sounds of nostalgia includes Germany's national anthem alongside "Hänschen klein", "Freude schöner Götterfunken" and "Jenseits von Eden". But here the German sense of nostalgia is an international co-production: the mother tongue of those immigrants in the picture was later synchronised in the studio - by German-speaking amateurs.

Ten Songs from Beyond (An audio anthology)

A remix of ten songs compiled by Candice Breitz (with Alex Fahl, Ben Lauber and Jorinde Voigt)... featuring fresher, crisper and simply groovier versions of some old favourites: Danke, für diesen guten Morgen [Justin Hoffmann, Ursula Mayer + Nina Stuhldreherl, Deutschlandlied [bruder + kronstädta], Trinklieder [Opelzoo (Alex Fahl + Florian Wachinger)], Freiheit [Klaus Weber], Freude, schöner Götterfunken [AI S.G. (Alex Fahl)], Der fröhliche Wanderer [Ed Osborn], The Return of Der fröhliche Wanderer [Nixon Henry], Die Gedanken sind frei [Chlorgeschlecht (Alex Kloster + Johannes Malfatti)], Hänschen klein [Gunilla Klingberg + Peter Geschwind], Jenseits von Eden [Ben Lauber], Keine Macht für Niemand [Peter Lang + Hans Riener of SHY], and now featuring a special bonus track: Kebapträume [Ec8or (Patric Catani + Gina V. D'Orio)].

Nuno Cera: Access

In "Access", Nuno Cera shows a setting of the studio that was his place of work for a year. There is no direct relation between the works, but the close proximity of completed series and individual pictures is representative of Cera's mode of thought and his way of working.

Exhibition: September 28- October 13, 2002
Kunstlerhaus Bethanien
Marianneplatz 2, Berlin
Open Wednesday to Sunday, 2 -7 pm. Free entrance

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