Western Kurdish Government in Exile
10 Glass House Yard, Barbican

Mare Street Biennale
dal 3/11/2010 al 5/12/2010
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Alexandra Flood

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Mare Street Biennale

Western Kurdish Government in Exile, London

The show is a micro-survey of a group of artists, who's practices reflect some of the challenges and pits falls involved in contemporary art. Unfeasibility Study is an exhibition of emerging artists who are engaged on some level with a self-consciousness of the challenges and potential opportunities of exploring renewed paradigms for the visual arts.

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This years’ show is a micro-survey of a group of artists, who’s practices reflect some of the challenges and pits falls involved in contemporary art.

Unfeasibility Study is an exhibition intended to showcase talented emerging artists who are engaged on some level with a self-consciousness of the challenges and potential opportunities of exploring renewed paradigms for the visual arts.
Though it is not claimed that there is overt or indelible evidence of this ambivalence in the work of each and every artist, the works chosen this year seem to suggest some of these environmental and ideological changing conditions.

The recently vacated offices of the Western Kurdish Government in Exile are the location for this years’ exhibition, which is in the process of being converted into residential accommodation. The intention is to temporarily create a space that is `neither here nor there`, a space that is not gallery, not home, not office, and to place works in an environment that challenges ideas of installation.

This years’ Unfeasibility Study catalogue, edited by Douglas Park http://www.myspace.com/douglas_park and photographed by Ochi Reyes, http://www.ochireyes.com/, will be a free-form critical appraisal of the artists’ efforts to date.

This years’ biennale exhibition was an open submission event with a very large response from applicants, honed down to fourteen by this year’s panel, artists:

Kate Davis, http://www.fred-london.com
Andy Holden http://www.andyholdenartist.com
Simon Liddiment http://www.norwichoutpost.org/index.html


Adam Burton’s new work, simply proposes the production of a news article documenting the recent UN resolution on the 5th of August this year declaring the access to clean water and sanitation a human right. Burton s Article explores the UK’s delegates’ decision to abstain on this vote. The article will be printed and distributed within the greater London Area by hand. http://adamburton.com/

Bill Balaska`s video ‘Parthenon Rising` is shot at night in Athens, and reveals the structure under the illumination of what appear to be the flash cameras of leaving visitors, and evokes a powerful pre-linguistic resonance in the viewer. http://www.billbalaskas.com/

Richard Baines installation takes us on a journey into ‘Ace Cool Polynesian Cultural Centre’, where we are invited to embrace the complexities of consumption tourism and leisure , biography and voyeurism. Video and sculptural elements are integrated in an apparent celebration, and mockery of some of the beauties and contradictions of anthropology and mass media. http://www.richardbaines.net/

Amirs Chasson’s paintings are familiar, yet hard to fathom. He says of his portraits: ‘I guarantee you: these gaze-traps will take your mind off the troubles of everyday life. They will re-connect you with that rich and primal world of painting that we all love and know so well…………” We believe this is the case (Ed) http://www.amirchasson.com/

Kate Groobey’s, paintings appear to explore the notion of and feasibility of traditional painting practice in the cut and thrust/paste of current art trends and revisits 20thcentury lineages both the playfully and somewhat at arms lengths. http://www.kategroobey.com

Hannah Perry`s recent work deploys personal clips and images sometimes mixed with found footage from popular culture leading to a strong trashy aesthetic that is an often crude but somehow a romantic take on British culture.
Her Neon sign work `so it goes` seems to give voice to or reiterate the all encompassing ‘ whatever ’. http://abinarylife.com/hannah/

Roger Kelly’s work examines the relationship between the figurative and the abstract, and the nature of manual image making. Processes of deconstruction and reproduction, primarily manifesting themselves in collage and painting, create a parallax; a displacement and collapse in the narrative language usually referred to by figurative art. http://www.rogerkelly.co.uk 

Sam Keogh, Irish based Artists presents what may be photo-documentary evidence of extra terrestrial sculpture, and it is possible his `sacrilegious totem` may be present on the night. http://www.samkeogh.net

Mathew Murphy, seems to know only too well about futility, his cartoonish
Aphorisms seem to draw on his scientific background and read as warning signs: too many mistakes, to many chances lost and too perhaps many ideas crossed out.

Nadine`s Feinson works in a manner than explores the farthest reaches of colour field and abstraction in painting by both alluding to and obliterating most traces of imagery. The work engages us with to an encyclopedic awareness of the media that both embraces and dismisses many well-worn paths and dead ends.

Mimi Norrgren’s work~ documents a performance: an encounter with a rhea, member of the ostrich family, which is permitted to attack the person of the artist whilst the artist is wearing a blank canvas. Accompanying performance on the night.

Tom Mason’s work involves a painterly adventure of whim, absurdity and irreverence.
Masons work is designed to produce and promote a memory and identity channel for the audience. His paintings are simultaneously crude and sophisticated, knowing and careless. http://artnews.org/artist.php?i=4123

Oliver Bragg`s photographic work, ` Mont Blanc’, documents his attempted conquest of the summit of Mount Blanc a journey to climb the source of Evian water. This act of will and apparent heroism, suggests both an appreciation of romantic gesture whilst positing the abject futility of modern reflection upon nature. http://www.newworknetwork.org.uk/modules/event/viewevent.php?eveid=1271 
Jesse Wine’s ‘Balloon’ photograph , was shot in Los Angles and frames a balloon marking a new housing development. This photograph is taken from a series of images that consider the `top of things`.


Mare Street Biennale, as an initiative of artistspace.org, 143 Mare Street, Hackney which hoasts and promotes artists working in research-based projects.

The inaugural Mare Street Biennale, 2008 was the first exhibition at the space of internationally active artists in room created for the show, and was visited by more than 1000 people and received critical acclaim.


This years’ award, the thousand dollar Mare Prize, will be given on opening night, and will go to a single work showing the most promise.

For more information, contact Mare Street Biennale Coordinator, Alexandra Flood:
Email alexandra.flood@marestreetbiennale.org
Ph: 07758187814


Opening reception: Thursday November 4th, 7 pm – until late

Western Kurdish Government in Exile
10 Glass House Yard, Barbican, London, EC1A 4JN

Mare Street Biennale
dal 3/11/2010 al 5/12/2010

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