Emirates Palace Hotel
Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi Art 2010
dal 2/11/2010 al 6/11/2010
daily 3pm-10pm
+971 2 6981828
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Shaden Abdellatif

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Abu Dhabi Art 2010

Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi

2nd Edition

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The capital of the United Arab Emirates, After Inaugural Year Success, Announces 2nd Edition. Four days to visit some of the most influential galleries on the international art market but also discover the Middle East's contemporary art scene, and refresh our view of this region, where East and West meet, on the crossroads of the legendary Silk Road. Four days to rediscover the work of modern art's greatest representatives and discover the new names on the emerging scene. Part of the fair are: Signature gives 'carte blanche' to up-and-coming artists from each gallery, Beyond focuses on monumental installations and other open-air sculptures, Arts, Talks and Sensations. Temporary exhibitions throughout Abu Dhabi and a vast programme of cultural engagement will complete the programme. Opening reception 3 November.

Elegance in Nature
dal 21/9/2015 al 16/1/2016

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