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Pae White
dal 21/10/2010 al 15/1/2011

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Leigh Hamer


Pae White

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Pae White

Saint Louis Art Museum, St. Louis

Dying Oak

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Los Angeles-based artist Pae White, leads the viewer on a dizzying, hypnotic journey through, around and inside an 800-year-old oak tree in Dying Oak (2009), a digital animation. Using sophisticated 3-D scanning technology, White collects visual data from the interior and exterior surfaces of the tree. The artist then translates this data into rapidly moving clusters of glowing dots that shift back and forth between representation and abstraction. Curated by Tricia Y. Paik, assistant curator of modern and contemporary art, Dying Oak will be on view in Gallery 301.

Pae White
dal 21/10/2010 al 15/1/2011

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