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BP 59, 7 passage de la Poste
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Vague froide
dal 14/10/2010 al 28/1/2011

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Galerie Magda Danysz

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Vague froide

Wharf, Herouville Saint Clair

Pierre Belouin & Nicolas Ledoux

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The title is the plaine translation for "cold wave" the desperate movement from the 80s and the title for Pierre Belouin & Nicolas Ledoux' current exhibition. It focuses on time that is passing by, the impossible escape from our era without loosing it all and the exhaustion from the repetition of icons, music, and art histories. The two artists mix old and new works as if transferring knowledge and exprience one from another. Including pictures, paintings, videos, texts questionning the status of art.

Vague froide
dal 14/10/2010 al 28/1/2011

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