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Longing For...
dal 12/12/2010 al 15/12/2010

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Charlotte Pochhacker

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Longing For...

Grazer Kunstverein, Graz

A symposium and a exhibition, a comprehensive look at new spatial and performative dispositives and hybrid formats. Dedicated to Merce Cunningham

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The symposium and the exhibition mark the start of the second phase of 'Longing For...' This focuses on 3 central issues: exploring innovative notation systems for ever-increasing sound, form and motion presentations, the question of the potential of transposition, of transdisciplinary readability and the translation of artistic systems as well as a comprehensive look at new spatial and performative dispositives and hybrid formats. Longing For... hopes to stimulate the curiosity of participants and visitors by animating the rooms of the Graz art association in an unconventional manner. The rooms will feature subtle gestures, installations and performances that provide insight into the research process of the artists involved in the symposium. The motion that characterizes the event will be carried over to visitors who will be invited to set themselves into motion-both intellectually and physically. After the two-day symposium, the exhibition will remain and will be extended through the special Move and Movies. The iniative is dedicated to one of the most important choreographers of the 20th century, Merce Cunningham and his amazing artistic staff including Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns, John Cage, David Tudor, Charles Atlas, Elliot Caplan and many others, who in a singular manner already anticipated many of the issues that are topical today. Curated by Charlotte Pochhacker.

dal 11/12/2015 al 20/2/2016

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