NK Projekt
Elsenstrasse, 52 (Neukoelln)
+49 017620626386
Sound installations
dal 26/1/2011 al 26/2/2011
Mon-Thu 12-17, Fri 10-12, Sat and Sun by appointment

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Sound installations

NK Projekt, Berlin

Movements in Possible Histories or a Composition for 24 Windows, Varia zoosystematica profundorum, Rorschach #1

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The exhibition presents several sound installation presented as a satellite event of Transmediale 11. In the sound installation 'Movements in Possible Histories or a Composition for 24 Windows' by Martti Mela, Libero Mureddu and Otto Korkalo, the space creates short sonic histories for the visitors. These histories shape how the space sounds for the future visitors. The piece offers a clear distinction between the interactive and reactive. The reaction of the space is unique for each visitor and supports their mutual encounters within the space. 'Varia zoosystematica profundorum' by the Generative Art/Computational Art Class (Alberto de Campo, UdK Berlin) presents models of mainly acoustic communication in the deep sea. A number of actants ('creatures') transmit symbols ('letters'), assemble them into chains ('words'), and express these by sound, light, or motion patterns. Freely simulating aspects of animal behavior, one may find that the strangeness of the unknown reflects the human world in unexpected ways. 'Rorschach #1' by RJ Fischer is the first in a series of generative installations. It is an experiment in creating a continuously changing, personalized feedback loop. Vernissage from 7pm.

Two events
dal 22/3/2013 al 23/3/2013

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