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60x60 Images

Art academy of Cincinnati , Cincinnati

Robert Voisey's project is a work in progress - he has invited 60 artists to each compose an electronic piece which lasts no more than 60 seconds in order to create a single composition which lasts 60 minutes. 60x60 Images is the counterpart for visual artists.

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Artists: Paul Adriaenssens - Emanuela Biancuzzi e Debora Vrizzi - Gaetano Bodanza - Massimiliano Busan - Roberto Cantarutti - Gianmarco Caselli - Jocelyne Clémente - Lorenzo Commisso - Paolo Comuzzi - Walter Criscuoli - Annibel Cunoldi Attems - Francesco De giorgi - Antonio Losacco - Luciano Del Zotto - Franco Del Zotto Odorico - Enrica Di Gangi - Gary Duehr - Juan Escudero - Fabiola Faidiga - Alfonso Firmani - Diego Garro - Aldo Ghirardello - Patrizia Giambi - Luigi Giannella - Ingrid Gotlieb - Ben Harris - Tony Hayère - Dave Hebb - Alain Joule - Duck Juggler - Robert Kirkbride - Raffaele Lasciarrea - Cyprian Li - Mark Lomax - Konstantin Lunarine - Scott M2 - Cecilia Medina - Maggi Payne - Hilda Paz - Sylvia Pengilly - Massimo Poldelmengo - Jesse Read - Alessandro Rietti - Maura Savini - Aurelio Scotto - Niklas Seidl - Maxim Seloujanov - Giulia Spanghero - Michele Spanghero - Sonia Squillaci - Еma Temelkova - Alessandro Traina - Stefano Tubaro - Laurens van der Wee - Evelien van Zonneveld - Giancarlo Venuto - Carlo Vidoni - Elisa Vladilo - Vittorio Zago - Toni Zanussi - Luigi Zilli

The festival Contemporanea, in Udine (Italy), is a Festival of music, buth the festival has had an interest in the visual arts from the very start, and the synergy which has grown up over the years between the visual and sonic spheres is proof of the breadth of the research undertaken by Delta produzioni and Taukay. Although this is a difficult time for the arts, this fourteenth edition is going to be big. Extraordinarily, courageously big, giving us a chance both to take stock of the route travelled so far and to re-launch ourselves, bringing together visual arts and music in a project with an international profile.

60x60 Images takes on the format of the project undertaken over many years by the American musician Robert Voisey in the field of electronic music. Voisey’s project is a work in progress - he has invited 60 artists to each compose an electronic piece which lasts no more than 60 seconds in order to create a single composition which lasts 60 minutes.

The outstanding feature of the project is its open and exponential attitude, which has grabbed the world of musical creativity, leading to another 60 participants, and then 60 more in a modular and expanding way. 60x60 Images is the counterpart for visual artists. Moving from the temporal nature of music to the metric scale, each artwork is created to measure 60x60 centimetres.

Who are the artists?

Forty have been selected from a call for works which required a difficult selection to be made from 221 works coming from 26 countries around the globe. A further 20 artists were invited to participate in 60x60 Images, in part these are artists who have already participated in the festival Contemporanea in Udine and in part they are artists selected for their regional profile in the contemporary art scene. This is the origin of the visual arts edition 2010, which enjoys a cosmopolitan heterogeneity, both contrasting and dissonant, but finding common ground in the interpretation of the varied world which Contemporanea brings together through the ideas of music, creativity and measurement. 60x60 Images originates from an idea by Vittorio Vella, and Francesca Agostinelli and from its start at the Giovanni da Udine theatre, now it is in the Art academy of art in Cincinnati,it will then move to being displayed on the web in a global virtual exhibition, which opens up the scope for new collaborations and new possibilities. We believe that this approach, closely tied to the local region, but with a world-wide perspective is the right way to interpret the times we live in.

Art academy of Cincinnati
1212 Jackson street - Cincinnati

60x60 Images
dal 18/2/2011 al 18/3/2011

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