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How to Begin from the Beginning
dal 7/3/2011 al 30/4/2011
wed-sun 11a.m.- 6p.m.

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Futura project

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How to Begin from the Beginning

Futura, Prague

(Fail Again, Fail Better). A group show

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Has Czech art gave up on its social mission and is now hidden outside of the realm of public interest? Our aim is not to form a direct argument but shift the angle of our perception. Our point of departure is nevertheless rooted in Bloch's definition of the human subject, defined as a being full of desire; our everyday reality and modes of behavior are structured by hope and a vision of a better world. This utopian dimension - our ability to imagine something radically different to everyday reality and its framework, became the main (and only) criteria for the selection of artists in the show. We are interested in works that with their engagement surpass the borders of art. Curated by Michaela Ivaniskinova, Mariana Serranova.

Two exhibitions
dal 6/7/2015 al 26/9/2015

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