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In Between

Wilfrid Israel Museum, Kibbutz Hazorea

International paper artists from East and West that focus on the space in between: East and West, nature and culture.

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The name as well as the theme of the exhibition- "In Between" - expresses the dynamic ever-changing space between contrasts. The western dualistic perception divides the world into opposites and emphasizes their differences, while in the Asian cultures they are seen as interconnected. The Buddhist sentence taken from the heart sutra: "form is emptiness, emptiness is form", clearly shows this view of reality, recognizing its impermanent nature.

In this exhibition we would like to present the works of international paper artists from east and west that focus on the space in between: east and west, nature and culture, growth and disintegration, oneness and plurality, softness and solidity, opaqueness and transparency.

Biffi-Frey Kathrin,Anita Brendgens,Breitenbergger Ute, Silvia Beltrami,Gabriele Domay,Jan Fairbairn-Edwards,Anni Fill,Anna Goebel,Holster Elizabeth,Holzinger susanne,Rives Meda,Agnete Simoni Mortensen,Elena Osterwalder,Brenda Parsons,Charmian Pollok,Helene Tschacher,Ismet Tatar,Twerenbold Antoine,Lilo Schaer,Schraube Sigrid,Hiltrud Schafer,Marie EU Schirrmacher-Meitz,Ingrid Siliakus,Ghini Servilha, Argenide,Yngve Riber,Cho Duk-Ho,Cha Young Soon,Jeongmin Ku,Kijoo Han,Myunghee Oh,Nammi Lee,Woohyun Lee ,Chanhong Paik,Youngjo Lim,Asakura, Shunsuke,Sasaki Masao,Agami Sara,Behar Lora,Dorota Biales,Gordon Moshe,Ora Shealtiel,Tirtza Valentein,Haya S. Wiesshaus,Batya Radner ,Timana Noyman,Hana Altaratz,Carmel Ilan,Paul Jackson,Danya Chalminski-Leshem,Ruth Shomroni,Ruth Cohn

Wilfrid Israel Museum
D.N.Haamakim - Kibbutz Hazorea
Sun-Fri: 09-14 Sat and Holidays: 10-16

In Between
dal 14/4/2011 al 8/11/2011

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