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Natural Wonder
dal 16/6/2000 al 20/7/2000

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Natural Wonder

Kagan Martos Gallery, New York

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"Natural Wonder" highlights a number of contemporary artists working in painting, photography and sculpture who deal with representations of nature. The show includes more established artists such as Keith Edmier, Adam Fuss, Roxy Paine, and Jack Pierson, as well as emerging and mid career artists Bill Albertini, Marina Berio, Judith Eisler, Peter Gould, Christina Hejtmanek, Lyle Starr, and Clare Woods. In three dimensions, Paine and Gould create miniature sculptural landscapes while Edmier presents a realistic plant reproduction as an artful object. Clare Woods makes reductive details of landscapes in glossy enamel on wood. Both Berio and Hejtmanek push their photographs towards painting with the use of atmospheric blurs and lighting. In a similar vein, Pierson has printed his romantic photographic images on canvas and Fuss has blown up his details to a soft, painterly focus. Albertini's work in video, and Lyle Starr's paintings all play off the tension between natural order and man-made order and categories. All the artists in "Natural Wonder" juggle the emotional, poetic, and fantastical associations with the natural world. It is evident that nature is still a site for many fables in the modern imagination.

The opening reception will be Saturday 17 June from 6 to 8 PM. Gallery hours during the summer are Tuesday through Friday 11 AM to 6 PM.

For further information, please contact Alona Kagan at (212) 343-4293 Fax (212) 343-4292 alona@kaganmartos.com

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dal 7/2/2001 al 3/3/2001

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