Le Musee de l'Objet - collection d'art contemporain
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Speech Objects
dal 24/6/2011 al 24/6/2011

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A constructed world

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Speech Objects

Le Musee de l'Objet - collection d'art contemporain, Blois

A project by A Constructed World and Etienne Bernard

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Speech Objects is an ongoing project, changing, moving, which is developing for 5 months. It is a work-to-talk-to-one in four periods and other events with installations, performances, figures address, cheese, wine, archives, telepathy, the water, food, speeches, conversations, music and Speech-Archive. Is an exhibition-that-talks-with-one-another, an exhibition with windows and with the light off and lights, professional artists, unknown and emerging living in Indonesia, France, the United States, Sweden, Australia, China, England, Denmark, Spain and Italy, texts written by users, viewers, visitors, guests, philosophers, artists, curators and critics gathered and disseminated in the movement of the exhibition. Saturday 25 June, at 14h opening and performances by Nicolas Boulard, Veronica Kent & Sean Peoples, Water Group, Yann Serandour.

Speech Objects
dal 24/6/2011 al 24/6/2011

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