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La Cartonnerie, Marseille

ART-O-RAMA is the first international art fair in the South of France and has been developing a new format that makes its uniqueness: each booth is considered as an exhibition space which architectural specificities lie on the gallery's curatorial proposition for the fair.

comunicato stampa

ART-O-RAMA is the first international art fair in the South of France and has been developing a new format that makes its uniqueness ; Each booth is considered as an exhibition space which architectural specificities lie on the gallery’s curatorial proposition for our fair. We allow gallery owners to present themselves under a unique and original light ; Signing their artistic line in a space they have designed according to the project they have built with their artists. ART-O-RAMA fosters meetings between contemporary art world actors and has made of its intimate format a stamp for quality of relations and artistic statements ; Both sign its originality.

ART-O-RAMA is the first international art fair in the South of France and has been developing a new format that makes its uniqueness ; Each booth is considered as an exhibition space which architectural specificities lie on the gallery’s curatorial proposition for our fair. We allow gallery owners to present themselves under a unique and original light ; Signing their artistic line in a space they have designed according to the project they have built with their artists. ART-O-RAMA fosters meetings between contemporary art world actors and has made of its intimate format a stamp for quality of relations and artistic statements ; Both sign its originality.

Bendana|Pinel, Paris
Steven Le Priol

Steven Le Priol’s work is characterized by the use of raw material, often borrowed from folk art such as cut papers, modeling and drawings. Behind the immediate seducing aspect of his pieces, a universe bearing the world’s violence and cruelty reveals itself. Trivial events, banal violence, chronicles of a society fascinated by power are displayed with a fake lightness. For ART-O-RAMA, Steven Le Priol will present a stand that is both the installation support and a piece of his project itself. Vieille France (Old France) consists of a set of black and white French flags fixed on the stand’s structure. These faded flags look like they were extracted from an old black and white picture or movie to be parachuted in the real world. Strangeness gives way to disquietude. They implicitly refer to dated images and carry an old conception of "Nation" or "Homeland". One can also state that they augur a return to those ideas in current political speeches, and their enfants terribles – Nationalism and Patriotism. The installation will be completed by black paper cuts, drawings, and modeled sculptures.

Crèvecœur, Paris
Laetitia Benat, Julien Carreyn, Antoine Marquis

For ART-O-RAMA, Crèvecœur will present three artists whose works are gathered under the theme "Fictions de l'intime" (fictions of the inner space). These works are filled with indolent characters pictured at moment when their psychological state is a continuum, where tangible frontiers between experience, feeling and dream cease to exist. They reveal home scenes in muffled tones and hushed atmospheres. Such a subject is built on a paradox : is inmost what one keeps to oneself, and never shows. Yet, fictions are meant to be passed on, transmitted, read or seen. The inner space is neither a theme nor a backdrop ; It is a value, an attempt to reach that very precious and hidden part of the being. Bearing insisting attention on insignificant details in closed and familiar spaces, Laetitia Benat’s photographs, videos and drawings infuse strangeness into daily life scenes ; When Julien Carreyn makes up displays that gather, in a hushed space, meticulous selections of his drawings, pastels, and photographs that seem to be revealed for the first time ; As for Antoine Marquis, he cultivates a sense of indiscretion by showing in small paintings very private and sensual scenes where one feels to be an uninvited guest.

La Douane / Galerie Chantal Crousel, Paris
Clément Rodzielski

Clément Rodzielski is used to composing figures with existing images. Often restrained by the limits of reproduction techniques, he creates geometrical compositions that avoid all kind of expressionist artifice. He cuts fashion magazines, Xeroxes mirror papers and organises trashes that are left to the computer’s continual reconfigurations and savings. In the frame of ART-O-RAMA, La Douane / Galerie Chantal Crousel proposes a project based on the repetition logic that is often at stake in Clément Rodzielski’s works through the presentation of series that dialogue both sides of the booth’s walls. On the gallery’s booth front side is presented a wood panel, darkened with graphite, that stains the wall and two Mirroirs noirs, Xerox of image compositions that are obscured by the mirror papers they reflect. Back side : the Untitled series (a) are compositions with spray paint on black & white photocopy and gaffer’s tape. Rodzielski plays both on the typographic deconstruction and on the duality of his material and fixing remedy. These pieces next to the cut magazines series are all born from the deconstruction of a predetermined material.

Dépendance, Brussels
Jana Euler & Nicolas Ceccaldi

Last winter, Jana Euler presented a solo exhibition at Dépendance under the title "Form Follows Information Exchange". The exhibition included paintings and sculptures that functioned as allegories of the information age and dealt with the cycles of added value and feedback that support it. Her friend Nicolas Ceccaldi reviewed the exhibition in a 1500 words article published in the Paris-based Artmagazine May (Issue Nr.6). For ART-O-RAMA, Euler and Ceccaldi pick up from the high-connectivity encounter of artists/writers/friends and their own production. The art-ritual where a solo show gets followed by a written re-assessment becomes the uneasy ground from which this collaboration unfolds: the division of labour and pre-determined professional functions come back to haunt the virginal space of both art practices. On Dépendance’s booth, Jana Euler’s minimal sculptures echo Ceccaldi’s review and its musical adaptation played from a laptop. These Sol LeWitt-inspired sculptures are made of thin metal rods that fold back on themselves in a continuous geometric line so that if someone bumps into it, they starts wobbling back and forth in a weirdly suggestive way. The project speaks about the complex proximity of art objects to a discourse that supports them and questions the boundaries between caring, helping, working together, mis-communicating, exploiting and humiliating.

Gandy, Bratislava
Zbynek Baladrán, Denisa Lehocká, Adam Vackar

For ART-O-RAMA, Gandy Gallery will present "Step by Step", a curatorial project based on a poem by Antonio Machado.
This project gathers works by 3 artists of the same generation from former Czechoslovakia: Denisa Lehocká from Bratislava (Slovak Republic), Zbynek Baladrán and Adam Vackár from Prague (Czech Republic). In this project, what is common to the artists is a raving of associative nets which are (self)generated by "writing/ reading" works and "the space between". Each work functions as a representation to much larger territory of questioning. It initiates that questioning, that distension. The raving builds overlappings between them, in "the space between", connecting them together. Where Zbynek Baladrán and Adam Vackár ensue radical conceptual strategies, Denisa Lehocká, as a contra-position to their methodologies, works with intuition purely. Zbynek Baladrán is busy with analysing structures of labour, theory/practice, geography, language, time and mind in terms of radically reductive vocabulary. Adam Vackár creates performative objects. Objects which document performance and/or initiate it. Denisa Lehocká deals with questions of body, family, society, nature in the form of expanded drawing, painting, object and installation.

Hoet Bekaert, Ghent
Joris van de Moortel

For his solo project with Hoet Bekaert at ART-O-RAMA, Joris van de Moortel will show works especially co-produced for the occasion, consisting on numerous wall pieces made out of rubbles and polyester though giving a new dimension to this practice that he has developed in pieces such as The Floor, Burst and Compressed Studio. These new creations will originate in the destruction of existing artworks and studio-material covered in polyester. The destruction and wrapping will give birth to big pieces, each unique on its own. Talking about these series, Joris van de Moortel says: “Some works are arranged in extreme situations by stripping them of their original function. They seem like attempts to capture and accumulate energy and often feel like time bombs that might explode at any moment. I often use building materials, everyday objects and musical instruments or their wooden mock-ups. I bundle, bind, encase them in wood and Plexiglas cases or hang them from the ceiling in waste bags. The work reminds one of stage sets or remnants of a performance that took place secretly. The sculptural environments are inspired by found situations and atmospheres and have often no definite beginning, middle or end. After an exhibition and sometimes during it, I destroy, burn or run a bulldozer over the work to then recycle the rubble into new works. Undoing becomes part of Doing.”*

* Extract from Laura Havlin’s article in “Like a hurricane (you are like)”, Dazed Digital, London, UK.

Liangwest, London
Catalina Niculescu

In the frame of ART-O-RAMA 2011, independent curators Liangwest (Theresa Liang and William West) present a new body of work by London based artist Catalina Niculescu. This is the third time Liangwest collaborates with Catalina Niculescu and their first solo exhibition with her. Niculescu’s new body of work is for the first time ever centred on her Romanian heritage through an examination of architecture and the country’s visual history. It brings a particular focus on the comparison between traditional/vernacular Romanian dwellings and architecture’s development into Modernism where vernacular elements have been revived and introduced into modern architecture. As important urban reference to Modernism, Communism and contemporary architecture Catalina spent ten days in Bucharest on the trail of such architects as Petre Antonescu, Horia Creanga and Duiliu Marcu. The work is realized as a sight specific film installation sighting modernism and Brancovean style looking to understand the relationship between typical Romanian style of architecture and modernism. A series of collages and posters is presented alongside the film and installation as is standard with Niculecu’s work. In collaboration with the artist Liangwest has produced a limited edition catalogue and online magazine through their curatorial publication :

Monitor, Rome
Antonio Rovaldi

For its first participation to ART-O-RAMA, Monitor will present a solo show by Antonio Rovaldi whose works all begin from the direct experience of a place considered as a possible subject that is lived, practiced, crossed, annoted. Although set within exterior landscapes, all of Rovaldi’s pieces contain elements that suggest a simultaneous and more personal journey in time. For ART-O-RAMA, Rovaldi designed a stand with works in mediums related to his fields of research (painting and photography), all of which will interact in a continuous dialogue and reinterpretation of Robert Walser poetic and life ; Indeed his project is conceived as a dialogue with that Swiss writer who died on December 25th 1956 during one of his usual promenades. The photograph of the body where it was found could be the starting point for Antonio Rovaldi’s project whose first step was elaborated in his solo show "A Roma domani nevica" in Monitor gallery on December 2010. Rovaldi reconstructs here an emotional geography through the life of a poet up until his death. Drawing inspiration from Walser’s work and his poetic of "crossing through" places. Rovaldi will now exhibit a new group of photographic and painting works, all underpinned by a common concept of duration, temporal suspension and apparently meaningless gestures. Thus, creating a parallel with his own research and that of the Swiss writer.

NoguerasBlanchard, Barcelona
Fran Meana

A critical interrogation of History as subject informs this project by Fran Meana. Specific to a historically charged time, the project explores how facts are interpreted and arranged to create a monolithic discourse that throws a somewhat biased view on recent Spanish past. Examining revolutions, strikes, and other forms or institutional representations Meana considers the possibility of creating a domestic epic. The dynamics of a revolution awaken sentiments such as fascination for breaking free from established order, the capacity for subversion and the possibility or impossibility that radical and profound transformation happens. Hence the interest to study the phenomena in relation to the establishment. Contemporary history is a subject that for many reasons has been left unexplored in Spanish artistic discourses. Only recently artists of younger generations have found interest in addressing their heritage from a certain perspective. Meana, born at a very early stage of Spanish democracy, uses the elapsed subject as a compromise, and enters the discussion of the creation of an official History fully loaded with arguments. For the first time in generations some spanish artists see the necessity of an updated re-evaluation of historical formations and political systems, and understanding the past in the light of what has been happening in the last, post-transition, decade.

Olivier Robert, Paris
Julien Beneyton, BOOGIE, Élodie Lesourd, Éric Pougeau, Lionel Scoccimaro

It’s a pretty classic magical trick: you tighten a rope, fold it, cut it in several pieces, blow on it, and when you stretch it out again, a marvel of illusion, it appears intact.The project conceived by the Olivier Robert gallery for the ART-O-RAMA contemporary art fair is of the same type: a similar link, between tension and rupture, ties the works of the five artists presented. The dark contained violence of Boogie’s photographs is mirrored by the impression of light and exorcised violence of Éric Pougeau’s works on paper. The drippings of Julien Beneyton’s watercolours reverberate in the impeccable varnishes of Lionel Scoccimaro’s sculptures, just as they do, when they defy the smooth and cold touch of Élodie Lesourd’s paintings. However, all these cuts are necessary to the final montage, to the writing of a new story. This is how we come to find the echoes of Éric Pougeau’s silences and Boogie’s wild and menacing characters in the middle of the deserted and silent spaces of Élodie Lesourd’s paintings. Ghostly presences, verging on the invisible, like the beings that escape us and whose every detail Julien Beneyton’s obsessive brush constantly tries to reveal to us. And in this labor below the surface, closest to reality, Lionel Scoccimaro takes part in this homage to the unspeakable and the underground. Helmeted beings invite themselves to this harmonious dance, led by a strange string quintet, obviously magical.
Benjamin Bianciotto

Škuc, Ljubljana
Nemanja Cvijanovic, Igor Grubic, Matej Andraž Vogrincic & Vuk Cosic, Sislej Xhafa, and son: DA

Škuc was implemented on the basis of close collaboration between the gallery and the artists it represents, with regard to contents that reflect and comment on contemporary society via semi-artistic projects, especially in the frame of art fairs. For ART-O-RAMA, Škuc Gallery moved away from the traditional form of presentation at fairs and carried out a project which consists of a booth that is constructed in such a way as to physically separate artworks from the visitors who, in turn, are physically separated from other fair visitors, enabling more intimate contact with the artworks. This project was conceptualised on the basis of the analysis of previous fair participations and talks with the artists, reflecting their common position vis-à-vis society, the status of artwork and contemporary art. It works on two levels: art works that critique contemporary society, and set-up itself that questions the theories of display, especially trying to find possibilities for curated fairs. Selected artists for ART-O-RAMA cast a critique eye on contemporary society in many ways: Croatian artists Nemanja Cvijanovic and Igor Grubic opening a question of geo-politics and capital ; Matej Andraž Vogrincic & Vuk Cosic, slovenian artists usually working separately, together try to question History and its constructions. Those constructions that Kosovo artist Sislej Xhafa also deals with, focusing on the roles of symbols and references, slightly touching the art system... and tandem son: DA makes some kind of a round-up of the whole installation while trying to re-question the position of the media and it’s representation, especially in the context of the art fairs installations. A publication copro­ duced with ART-O-RAMA is available to the visitors that includes reproductions of the presented artworks and conform both with the visual concept and form of the presentation at the fair.

Torri, Paris
Florian Pugnaire & David Raffini

For its first participation to ART-O-RAMA, Torri gallery presents Florian Pugnaire and David Raffini. These young artists whose collaborative pieces centre on the use of industrial materials and their transformations have come up with another process-based project. In the frame of the fair only the first part of this new accelerated transformation protocol, they decided to explore, will be presented to the public: mirror polished stainless steel sheets will be gathered and immerged inside a coffin filled with acid water ; Their oxidation coffin engraved with the protocol of this new art piece. The second part will remain hypothetical and constituted by the immersion and the restitution of the sheets after corrosion. Next to this ongoing project, both artists will present pieces of their own: A film by Florian Pugnaire presents spaces filled with various materials which, in a chain reaction, come to disintegrate inside the white cube that hosts the process. This film will be presented next to the remains of the transformation. In his film Amnesia David Raffini shows the explosion of a series of sheet steel. Being very much interested in the notions of landscape, the traces of this explosion –consisting of deformed, blackened, and varnished sheets – will be presented in an horizontal hanging, like "paintings".

Curatorial Delegation L'appartement22, Rabat
Guest Project
“L’inattendu du Tout Monde” A tribute to Goddy Leye
A project by Cécile Bourne-Farrell, curator

Accepting our invitation, L'appartement22 decided that they would pay tribute, from Marseille, to Cameroon artist Goddy Leye — who died aged 46 last February — for what he initiated both in Africa and abroad. Their project for ART-O-RAMA “L’inattendu du Tout Monde” is based on L'appartement22’s radio which will become a catalyst for propositions around Goddy Leye’s work and will broadcast either live, podcast or through the webradio, presentations of this artist’s actions through words of people who knew him or not. The aim is to make know who he was and what he did through the Art Bakery, the project he initiated in 2003 in Bonendale, a neighbourhood in the city of Douala (Cameroon) and was an experimentation space that fostered connexions between artists and visual arts operators. Presenting Goddy Leye’s work and that of fellow artists, L'appartement22 wishes to focus on the way, through small structures and punctual actions, some share their relation to art in an informal manner. Next to the radio project, L'appartement22 will also present some of Goddy Leye’s art pieces and that of artists he was in connivance with, such as Joel Andrianomearisoa, Mohssin Harraki, Katia Kameli, Perrine Lacroix, Otobong Nkanga, Jesus Palomino, Younès Rhamoun, etc.

Sandro Della Noce
Guest Artist

Each year, ART-O-RAMA invites a young artist based in the Marseille-Provence area to produce a site specific project which enables their work to start resonating in an international level. Sandro Della Noce was chosen by the invited galleries among last edition's Show Room. We support him in the production of a new art piece and his first monographic catalogue. Learning from Las Vegas which was published in 1972 by Ventury and Scott Brown encouraged architects to get away with their imaginary conceptions of the ideal city to focus on reality and find a model to reproduce, imitate or mock. For sure, Sandro Della Noce’s sculpture has integrated the lesson. His technical mastery does not serve a soilless production. Rather it fosters pieces without any a priori that call on motives of Modernist utopias just as prosaic images : ones of not-qualified spaces lacking tradition, construction sites, railways, industrial parks..."*

"Sculpture Tutorial *Paul Bernard, Sandro Della Noce, collection ART-O-RAMA, 2011, Éditions P

Show Room
Colin Champsaur, Caroline Duchatelet, Sandra Lorenzi, Nicolas Pincemin

4 young artists and 4 booths on which they show and talk about their work with our guest gallery owners, among others. One of them is chosen by the latest and becomes our guest artist the following year. Colin Champsaur (born 1974) graduated from the Fine Arts school of Marseille in 2003, the same year he created the Éditions moinsun. He has then exhibited in several group shows among which, in 2010, “La peur du Vide” (Générale en manufacture, Sèvres), “Crash Taste” (Fondation Vasarely, Aix-en-Provence), “Correspondances” (Bezalel, Yaffo 23, Jerusalem), “Take Shape—Make Shift Prendre / forme Provisoire” (Instants chavirés, Montreuil). As artist in residence in 2009 at La Générale en Manufacture in Sèvres, he curated the exhibition “Petites morts et autres traboules”. Caroline Duchatelet’s (born 1964) works focus on light and landscape. She started as a sculptor, does installations and for three years has been dedicating herself to video. She was a resident at Villa Medicis in Roma in 2009 and prolonged her journey in Italy through Lazio, Basilicata, Apuglia, Lipari Iles, Umbria and Sicily where she did a series of films on landscape from which are extracted photogram stills that either belong to series or come individually. After a degree in philosophy, Sandra Lorenzi (born 1983) graduated from La Villa Arson in 2009. The same year, she exhibited in the international fair of Montrouge. She presented her first solo show “Holy Holes” at Visite ma tente gallery in Berlin. Late 2010, she exhibited in “Hic, l’exposition des idées” at La Villa Arson and presented in February 2011 “la Nébuleuse de l’Homoncule” in the Module 1 of the Palais de Tokyo. Nicolas Pincemin (born 1976) graduated from École Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg and Aix-en-Provence Visual Arts University. He took part to various group shows (Fondation Vasarely and Arborescence Festival in Aix-en-Provence). A solo show will take place in September at the Centre for Contemporary Art in Istres (Bouches-du-Rhône, France), followed by a group show at the Museum in Gap (Hautes Alpes, France).


Friday, Sept. 2

4.30pm Radio set by L'appartement22.
During the whole duration of the fair, L'appartement22 will offer the exhibitors and the public a reflexion on Cameroun artist Goddy Leye
5.30pm Edition 2011 guest artist Sandro Della Noce's catalogue launch. Editions Space, la Cartonnerie
6.00pm ART-O-RAMA's public opening
Opening of «Holey Glory» an exhibition by Sophie Dejode and Bertrand Lacombe, organized by Sextant et Plus
8 pm Concert - Carte Blanche to Tiramizu

Saturday, Sept. 3

3.30pm Documents d'artistes presents their activities and their 2011 artists selection. They invite Chourouk Hriech and Colin
Champsaur for a presentation of their work, la Cartonnerie
4.15pm Karine Rougier's & Nicolas Pincemin's catalogue launches by Sextant et Plus. Editions Space, la Cartonnerie 6 pm Radio set by L’appartement22

Sunday, Sept. 4

5 pm 6 pm «Les standards observent les formats» Conference run by François Aubart on a proposition of Technè-Riam
Radio set by L’appartement22

Monday, Sept. 5

2-4 pm Radio set and conference by curaor Cécile Bourne-Farrell (L’appartement22) at 3bisf, contemporary art venue in Aix-en-Provence Followed by the 4 radio programmes broadcast Sept. Saturday 17 and Sunday 18
3-10 pm Night Opening in the frame of the Journées du Patrimoine


Inside La Cartonnerie
In the frame of its sponsoring activities towards artists from Marseille and its region, since 2009 Vacances Bleues Foundation has associated to the Show Room section by producing a new art piece with one of the 4 artists. "For the third year running, we are delighted to join together with ART-O-RAMA, one of the events that helps settle Marseille within the scope of the international contemporary art agenda. Through the Show Room, Vacances Bleues Foundation reaffirms its will to give support to young artists based in Marseille : after Pierre Belouïn in 2009 and Boris Chouvellon in 2010, we will support and show the work of one young talented artist spotted by ART-O- RAMA. For Vacances Bleues, a leisure hotel chain celebrating its 40th anniversary this year in Marseille, the artistic and cultural vitality represents more than ever one of the major development factors." Hélène Arnaud-Rouèche, President of Vacances Bleues Foundation The Edition sector, in collaboration with Éditions P, will present a selection of artists books, limited editions, and multiples editors as well as music labels - all working in the visual arts scope. Presentation of the project of the new Fonds Régional d'Art Contemporain Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur which opening is due on 2013, when Marseille will be the European Capital of Culture. Documents d’Artistes will present their activity, based on the documentation and internet information on the work of emerging visual artists in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.

Guided visits ART-O-RAMA joins together with Office du Tourisme et des Congrès de Marseille and Artvisitprovence by offering the public a series of guided visits organised by Alexandra Blanc Véa. More infos and reservations :

Preview Fri. Sept. 2 12am-6pm.
Opening 6-10pm.

La Cartonnerie
Friche la Belle de Mai 41 rue Jobin 13003 Marseilles
Hours: 3-8pm. Until Sun. Sept. 18
Free entrance

Art-O-Rama 2014
dal 28/8/2014 al 13/9/2014

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