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Wo_Men (points of view)
dal 16/9/2011 al 29/9/2011

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Wo_Men (points of view)

91mQ art project space, Berlin

An exhibition conceived and developed in two appointments. The works shown are therefore the registration, through 3 generations, from the '60es to the '80es, of different points of view. A gaze on the changes of the women's role in the Italian society through the work of 8 artists whose research ranges from photography to video, from installation to video animation. A project curated by Francesca Referza.

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WO_MEN points of view is an exhibition conceived and developed in two appointments (June / September 2011), in collaboration with the no profit space 91mQ Berlin. Eight artists in the exhibition: Elena Arzuffi (Milan, 1964), Elena Bellantoni (Vibo Valentia, 1975), Giulia Caira (Cosenza, 1971), Monica Carocci (Rome, 1966), Loredana Di Lillo (Gioia del Colle, Bari, 1979 ), Mariana Ferratto (Rome, 1979), Silvia Giambrone (Agrigento, 1981), Valentina Vetturi (Reggio Calabria, 1979).
A project curated by Francesca Referza.

If work and determination, are usually declined as masculine prerogatives, here they developed into the link between the eight artists wo_men, by reflecting the dialogue established by the artists, starting from the works on display. The works shown are therefore the registration, through three generations, from the sixties to the eighties, of different points of view. The artists in the exhibition belong to different geographic origins, a single work and the different ways of dealing with their personal experiences, are the real theme of the exhibition. A gaze on the changes of the women’s role in the Italian society through the work of eight artist whose research ranges from photography to video, from installation to video animation.

The second appointment WO_MEN (points of view) has naturally developed through an internal dialogue in the work of eight female artists. In the first appointment Arzuffi Elena and Silvia Giambrone have used the concept word in two different ways to claim the female identity. The two artists in Whether you are for me the knife (2011) and We are the dark past of the world (2010) have used two sources of text in two completely different ways. Mariana Ferratto and Giulia Caira, however, used moving images to speak differently to physical and emotional distance, geographical and cultural. Ciao! (2011) Mariana Ferratto loop puts the encounter and the separation of a couple on arrival / departure of a train, Giulia Caira instead, with Uncertain Border (2005) speaks of the uncertain social and cultural boundaries that establish behaviour codes of a woman to man and society in general, depending on where you born and the latitude you live in the world.

In the second round of WO_MEN (point of view) the reference to the female element is less immediate and obvious, by reproducing however the binary system already triggered in the first round. Loredana Di Lillo, Monica Carocci, talking about the woman in two opposite ways, yet complementary. Di Lillo with fabric sewn by experts and patients hands, she emphasizes the role played by women at home, on the other hand, however, with the image of a clenched fist, emphasizes the strength and tenacity their so-called weaker sex.. It consists in a tattered blanket embroidered in points that form a big white hand.. this work long and slow, said Di Lillo a work that belongs to a cycle of blankets form the war period the fifties that some women are producing for me. The photograph of Monica Carocci, although starting from reality, it seems like a paint. So her Dancer (2011) is a mental image. More than a precise identity the image in black and white made by Monica Carocci translates the idea of a feminine delicate and seemingly fragile, yet capable of great discipline and inner beauty.

Elena Bellantoni and Valentina Vetturi, they seem to measure the urban geography familiar and popular such as (Rome), Vetturi, and a dimension underground dispersed and less reassuring (Santiago, Chile), Bellantoni, through movement, moving, travel. Both artists have used the video as a documentation of their performance, in both cases, there was a big effort in terms of psychological and physical approach. Elena Bellantoni dragged behind her shoulders a tent, sort of home-parachute, she empirically investigates the urban economy of the city, by tracing a physical map of its recent history.

Tent_action - says Elena Bellantoni – consists of a video and an installation. It’s the result of a street performance I did in Santiago : I walked into the city from 7am till 7pm dragging on my shoulders a tent that I build up with founded materials of the city.

The landscape the psico-geography of the city, made of strong contrasts, changes during my walk: I started my action in the poorest areas of the city I crossed the richest part and I finished my action in front of Palacio de la Moneda the set of the President of the Republic of Chile, where in the 11th of September 1973 died Salvator Alliende.

I left my tent in the middle of the square in front of the Moneda, I disassembled it slowly .. and slowly it collapsed on the round.

The search for Valentina Vetturi moves in a sort of constant overlap / intersection between writing and performance in public. The report / public reaction to the performance of Valentina Vetturi and many of ­the work of the artist. In La Pendolare - says Vetturi - I walk every day the distance that separates the district of Torpignattara from Termini station. For a week, eight hours a day, I commute on the "train Casilina". I experienced the condition of the palindrome commuter apparent boredom of repetition, the double bond with the arrival and departure stations, the suspension and the disorientation caused by the displacement, forced the closeness that is created on this means of public transport, bringing it up to his limit.

The 315 typewritten pages, which document and record almost automatically performing the experience lived by Valentina in La Pendolare (deliberately feminine), are an example of an artist's way of working, her identity it’s never the ' object of her work, but it’s her specificity.

The double appointment WO_MEN will be included in the catalog that documents the three years of 91mQ art project space Berlin (2008- 2011) Francesca Referza, the curator, will present the project in a talk organized during ArtVerona by Independents (6-10 October 2011), dedicated to new Independent Spaces.

Opening Berlin 17th September at 7pm

91mQ Art project space
Landsberger Allee 54 - 10249 Berlin

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