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Extension Series 11
dal 21/9/2011 al 24/9/2011
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Johnny Amore

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Extension Series 11

Grimmuseum, Berlin

For the Performance Art program, the two couples, Skugga Guolaugsdottir and Marco Dorn - Johnny Amore and Irene Pascual, develop a performance-installation based on collaboration.

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curated by Andrés Galeano

Extension Series 11 invites two couples, Skugga Guðlaugsdóttir (ISL) - Marco Dorn (DE) and Johnny Amore (DE) - Irene Pascual (ESP), for developing a performance- installation based on collaboration.
The four Berlin based artists are usually working as a singular artist using different media like sculpture, photography, painting, installation and performance. They are challenged to work together as two artistic couples and join their creativity in a synergetic Installation and Performance.
Extension Series 11 finishes with the lecture Stand-In for Fluxus by the artist Ann Noël. She is the widow of the Fluxus artist Emmett Williams and will reflect about her experiences mixing art and private life with her husband and other Fluxus artist.

Skugga Guðlaugsdóttir was born in 1985, Reykjavík, Iceland. Currently lives and works in Berlin. In 2010 she received the Mart-Stam Award from the Weißensee School of Art. 2011 she finished her Master pupil of Prof.Berdt Wilde, Berlin Weißensee School of Art. Her works are researches of the terms presence and absence. Traces (left over’s) of an absent moment/movement are the evidences of a former presence (the act). Just the perfect connection of material and time will leave the evidence that can tell the indirect story.

Marco Dorn was born 1983 in Sömmerda (Germany) and studied sculpture and Mixed Media at the AKI Enschede (Netherlands). He currently lives and works in Berlin. His work is about sovereignty. It’s a constant attempt to dupe a machine or material by means of an idea. This is a game without winners. The only possibility is to cultivate the failure.
Irene Pascual graduated in Art History (Universitat de Girona, Spain) and Set Design (Institut del teatre, Barcelona, and UdK, Berlin), learned painting, drawing and printing techniques in EMA and Escola Massana in Barcelona and contemporary dance, mainly with the choreographer Natalia Espinet.
Painting and Performance Art are her main techniques. She has done diverse solo and group exhibitions in Berlin, London, Northampton, Munich, Bonn, Luxemburg and in different towns in Mexico and Spain; she also has performed in Germany, Estonia, Spain, Sweden and England.
Born in Girona, she works and lives in Berlin since 2004 where, besides her artistic activity, is the director of GlogauAIR, in which she organises and curates Exhibitions and Festivals.

Johnny Amore (1973, Munich) is a multidisciplinary artist who develops and combines diverse formats and techniques: Photography, Performance, Video, Installation and Letterset. Like in many cases of contemporary arts, in Amore’s work the concept or the idea is demanding which technique the artist is using in each project. Johnny studied at the State Academy for Photography in Munich. He works and lives in Berlin. He has held solo and group exhibitions in Germany, Netherlands, Finland, Switzerland and Estonia. In his Performances he works often in collaboration with the Finnish performance group MRCVE (Messianic Research Centre for Visual Ethics) and Irene Pascual.

Ann Noël (Plymouth, UK, 1944) has lived and worked in Berlin since 1980. Her wide-ranging talents as painter, graphic designer, printmaker, photographer and performance artist bear witness to a rare combination of creative ingenuity, bold experimentation, and up-to-date technical skills. In addition, she has had the good fortune to know and work with some of the more interesting artists of our time. Her career began in earnest in 1964 at the Bath Academy of Art in Corsham, where she worked on projects with such artists as Ian Hamilton Finlay and John Furnival. After graduating with a diploma in graphic arts and design in 1968, she was invited to Stuttgart, Germany, to work with Hansjörg Mayer, a former mentor at the academy and one of the first publishers of artists’ books by Robert Filliou, Richard Hamilton, Dieter Roth, André Thomkins, Emmett Williams and so many others.
This experience with the avant-garde more than prepared her for the job offered her in 1969, to work in New York as assistant to Dick Higgins, publisher of the now legendary Something Else Press, where she met Emmett Williams, editor-in-chief of the press (and future husband) and such press regulars as George Brecht, John Cage, Allan Kaprow, Richard Kostelanetz, Daniel Spoerri and a plenitude of Fluxus artists.
During the seventies, in addition to developing her own creative work, she was graphic workshop supervisor at the California Institute of the Arts, lecturer in printmaking at the nova Scotia college of Art and Design, and Visiting Artist at the Carpenter Center for the visual Arts at Harvard University. In 1987 she was guest printer at the Machida-shi Museum of Graphic Arts in Tokyo.
Her work has been exhibited internationally, and includes recent projects at the Biennales in Venice, Liverpool and Lodz, Poland. She is also author of six artist’s books published by Rainer Verlag in Berlin.

Lecture 25. 9., 18h: STAND-IN FOR FLUXUS
Ann Noël was married to Emmett Williams, a founding member of the Fluxus Group, for over 37 years. She was often called upon to join in with the performances in Fluxus Festivals in Wiesbaden, Copenhagen, Seoul, Genova etc. and over the years she gradually developed a repertoire, not only with Emmett Williams, but also later on her own. Ann Noël will talk about her experiences as a somewhat reluctant performer.

19 - 25 . 9. 2011- Residency
22.9., 19:30 Performances (3€)
23-25 - Documentation
25. 9., 18h. Lecture: STAND-IN FOR FLUXUS by Ann Noël

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