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Artan Shabani
dal 16/7/1999 al 14/9/1999

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The Promenade Gallery


Artan Shabani

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Artan Shabani

The Promenade Gallery, Vlore

Your only real thing is time. Solo show

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Your only real thing is time. Artan Shabani was born in 1969 in Vlora. Lives and works in Turin, Venice and Vlora. After his studies in Albania he moved to Italy and than France and Spain, when he worked on different projects. In 2003 he was the winner of Special Prize at Osterbottens Museum in Vaasa. Shabani is the founder of The Promenade Gallery (2007). At 2009 also was the curator of Albania & Kosovo Pavilion, Prague Biennial 4.

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dal 11/9/2012 al 28/9/2012

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