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Josef Ittig and Heinrich Helfenstein
dal 22/9/2011 al 29/10/2011
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Josef Ittig and Heinrich Helfenstein

Kunsthalle Luzern, Luzern

In den Raum gestellt. Josef Itting's visual design

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In den Raum gestellt. The department Architecture invited its former, now retired lecturer for visual design Josef Ittig to develop an exhibition in the context of his 39 years long teaching career. 39 alumni reflect on the impact that said lecturer has on their current works. The results - illustrated by photographs of the renowned architecture photographer Heinrich Helfenstein - are now shown in the Kunsthalle Lucerne. Josef Ittig characterise nearly four decades of architects' education. This is all the more notable, because he did not teach architecture itself, but rather brought the students closer to visual design in general. What importance is attributed to visual design within an architect's education and how were the individual careers of the former students influenced by Ittig's intense teaching activities? The exhibition "In den Raum gestellt - visuelle Gestaltung und Architektur im Dialog" centres around these questions.

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