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dal 6/10/2011 al 6/11/2011

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Fani Zguro

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Different locations, Medellin

Permanent installation

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As part of the residency in Taller Siete, Medellin, Fani Zguro presents 'Taxi', with the partecipation of the other artists Jakup Ferri, Heldi Pema, Steve Piccolo, Bruno Muzzolini, Anri Sala, Manuel Scano and Bert Theis. Every artist was inviting to propose a sound piece for TAXI in Medellin city. 'Taxi', is a project than begins from Anri Sala's site specific 'No Formula One No Cry' which consists in the realization of a soundtrack, where the noise that the Formula One cars make is played along street dogs barking. A metaphor of the banality of the 'show' society. The presentation of the soundtrack is done in different taxies around the world, from Frankfurt to Miami... The project is being documented with the help of visiting cards, which help establish direct contact with the taxi drivers. Anyone interested can order the cab under his mobile number and ask the taxi driver to turn on the sound project for the duration of the trip. Being attracted to this project which reminds me of an Anthony Gormley's quote: the work at the museum, like the body in the hospital. Inviting other artists including Anri Sala piece 'No Formula One No Cry', which are going to make a CD sounds, presenting at Taller Siete, Medellin's opening. 'Taxi', the permanent installation starts from October 7, 2011.

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dal 4/9/2013 al 2/11/2013

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