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Narrativas espaciales
dal 24/11/2011 al 12/2/2012
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Pepa Telenti Alvargonzalez

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Narrativas espaciales

LABoral Art and Industrial Creation Centre, Gijon

Geolocated audio in public space

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Locative audio consists in the capacity to locate a sound in a physical space and reproduce it when the users - equipped with a smartphone or any other device that has GPS and an audio file player - find themselves in the specific place. During a workshop, held from 1st to 6th November, participants learn how to use the different technical resources available, experiment with script writing, working with audio files and they create projects to experiment with their new skills. Later, the obtained results in the workshop as well as three European locative media projects developed in Hangar, Barcelona, will be shown. (Cartografia sonora de Gijon, 2010. Photo: Marcos Morilla)

A screaming comes across the sky
dal 9/10/2014 al 7/3/2015

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