Galerie de Multiples
17, rue Saint Gilles
+33 01 48872177
Ins Blickfeld geruckt
dal 17/2/2012 al 7/3/2012
Tue- Sat 11am-19pm

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Galerie De Multiples

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Ins Blickfeld geruckt

Galerie de Multiples, Paris

Group Exhibition

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A project proposed by Gaelle Boucand and Francisca Wurz, two young French artist living in Berlin, force our attention on the concepts and document archive. It explores how these sources, the sine qua non of the work, feed a large fund for artists, from memory and air time. Ins Blickfeld geruckt appears here as a possible archive of this, kind of doing database this consists of funds and documents provided by many artists from all backgrounds. To this end, the artists chosen by Gaelle Boucand and Francisca Wurz, are invited to submit a selection of unpublished documents relating to one or more of their work already performed. Photocopied, these documents serve as a matrix to achieve a single edition by artist. These documents are the materialization of a certain "Zeitgeist", a tune with the times, past necessarily distorting filter of two French artists living in Berlin, their friends, their knowledge, their contemporaries. Making available items of documentation on the works, which remain initially invisible, it is the very principle of the work as epiphanie that Artists demystified: the distance imposed by the work the viewer, his authority is annihilated by the presence of the document. It reveals the contingency of the work which is none other than the result of a process, a succession of material choices, a random combination of multiple factors combined with the play of personal references. Opening saturday february 18 at 2 pm.

Ins Blickfeld geruckt
dal 17/2/2012 al 7/3/2012

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