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Santa Barbara
11 West Anapamu Street
Madeline Garrett
dal 29/2/2012 al 31/3/2012
Tue-Sun 12-5pm

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Madeline Garrett

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Madeline Garrett

Artamo Gallery, Santa Barbara

Unbound. Garrett uses oil, cold wax and powdered marble to create paintings with surfaces that are mature, complicated and subtle like old eroded walls, secrets inscribed underneath.

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Madeline Garrett's latest work embraces the theme of becoming “unbound” — unbound from time constraints and other barriers that limit creativity. Striving for certain ‘perfect imperfections’ in a freely flowing process, she uses oil, cold wax and powdered marble to create paintings with surfaces that are mature, complicated and subtle like old eroded walls, secrets inscribed underneath.

Madeline Garrett has been painting for 20 years, starting with an abstract commission in 1991 and from that point forward knew that art would be her passion/obsession for life. Developing her own artistic language over the years she feels that she has become an “abstract reductionist’ — building up complicated layers, writing & inscribing, mark making, and then slowly eliminating or ‘reducing’ the extraneous to get to the final surface, always seeking beauty in the mystery and the undefined.

Her work is influenced by walls and ancient eroded surfaces, a shell containing history in the present, as a means of reconciliation between what is there and what once was. The remaining wall is utterly beautiful, and the markings & writings in part or in whole, contain what she would call a “perfect imperfection” in that the writing/marking might not be perfect while being completely perfect in and of itself.

Madeline originated in New Jersey, has a BA degree in Sociology (cum laude), lived in Pennsylvania for ten years before transplanting to Santa Barbara in 1993 where she now paints full-time. She has taken numerous art classes and workshops/studios throughout the country: Paula Roland Encaustics in Santa Fe, Rebecca Crowell Oil & Cold Wax in Wisconsin, Main Line Night School in Pennsylvania, SBCC Continuing Ed, and The Chicago Art Institute.

Gallery informations
Artamo Gallery, over seven years in the same location, is a destination for contemporary art in Santa Barbara. Located only 100 yards from the Museum of Art the Gallery contributes to the revival of the historical downtown art district and helps building a gallery row on both sides of Anapamu Street.

Artamo Gallery shows contemporary art by regional, national and international artists in solo and group exhibitions, including painting, sculpture, photography and mixed media. The gallery represents Teri Blodgett, Janet Bothne, Agustin Castillo, Keith Clark, Madeline Garrett, Gordon Huether, Françoise Issaly, Michael Kessler, Elana Kundell, Hyunmee Lee, Ana Marini, Rose Masterpol, Jack N. Mohr, Michael Moon, Julia Pinkham, Silvia Poloto, Jack Reilly, Suha Sin, and Ashleigh Sumner. Other artists are occasionally invited as guests to join special themed group shows and events.

Artamo Gallery a substantial part of the Santa Barbara art scene and art community, participates in local art events, especially the Santa Barbara First Thursday Art Nights

Artamo Gallery is a member of the Santa Barbara Art Dealers Association (SBADA)

Opening 1 march 5-8pm

Artamo Gallery
11 West Anapamu Street Santa Barbara USA
Hours: tuesday to Sunday 12:00 to 5:00 p.m. First Thursday every month until 8:00 p.m
Admission free

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