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Katelyn Reece Farstad
dal 11/4/2012 al 27/4/2012

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Katelyn Reece Farstad

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Katelyn Reece Farstad

Zach Feuer Gallery (new location), New York

The solo exhibition Rats Make Love is an installation of new paintings by the Minneapolis-based artist.

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In Gallery 2, Zach Feuer is pleased to present Rats Make Love, an installation of new paintings by the Minneapolis-based artist Katelyn Reece Farstad.

The anxious surfaces of Farstad's assemblages are the result of desperate formal decisions, each offering a space for three-dimensional objects to rummage around in a dustbin of two-dimensional ideas. Wicker and flypaper find welcome company here among recycled artworks and received notions about painting-all in the process of becoming alien, even modestly abject. Nimble flourishes and tired clich├ęs languish, embarrassed, on supports both found and invented, yet each surface teems with witty sight gags and contradictory thinking. Personification is inevitable. Each one threatens to storm out the back door and have its own show. Out of love the painter has given these works much confidence and now she has to deal with the consequences.

Farstad is a graduate of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Her two-person exhibition Isohyet; Isopleth (with David Frohlich) opens on April 20 at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. This is her first exhibition in New York.

Concurrently in Gallery 1: Tamy Ben-Tor New Performance Work

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