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Ruben Grau
dal 8/5/2012 al 24/6/2012

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Ruben Grau
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Ruben Grau

Galeria Laura Haber, Buenos Aires

Mnemosyne. The artist intervenes images with minimal elements never overshadow the preponderance of libraries aesthetic views from an instance.

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One of the highlights of the Mnemosyne Project, is that it involves many different libraries Argentine artists of importance, such as Clorindo Testa, Luis F. Benedit, Eduardo Stupía Jacques Bedel or Luis Felipe Noé, among many others. Photographic records of each grouping of qualifications provide access to books that nurtured these outstanding representatives of our culture, and a source of knowledge and appreciation of the historical and collective memory.

Another factor is that the continuation of this survey, expected to include writers, thinkers from different areas and historical libraries, multiplying, or rather, multiply-its scope to expand relationships and interconnections of the contents and in each of the records .
The artist intervenes images with minimal elements never overshadow the preponderance of libraries aesthetic views from an instance. The vulnerability of photographic work is repeated in the objects, more cryptic, which are interconnected with a striking homogeneity discursively.

It is interesting to see that despite the insistence of the author to propose a cross-sectional view abarcatoria the various visual media with which experience is in the attractive poetic power, and the charm of the various images and objects, which requires the polyphony of readings.

That is, if it is true that the pieces come from an obvious intellectual development, which does not exclude recreational repeated instances, the outcome is final narrative, in small details, yet trivial Manichean vision is in the instance when the viewer is seduced and delayed in their interest.

Grau seems that moves more comfortably in the formal aspect in which the work is planned on the stage in which ideas are expressed with vehemence and then maybe illustrated, are involved or are interconnected. It is in the internal variation in the multiplicity of interests involving the sociological, in the literary curiosity found, where is your joy, at least more explicit, but in the representation of the fragility, the voltage that appears repeatedly at least, is where his strength. Her work restores the material essence to the predominance of the idea.

Love the book as object flies in each representation. Organic elements involved and redefine the words, memories and complex events. Odes to knowledge, with the color of lightness.

Patricia Rizzo
April 2012

Opening May 9th, 7 pm

Galeria Laura Haber
Juncal 885 - Buenos Aires

Ruben Grau
dal 8/5/2012 al 24/6/2012

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