dalla Rosa Gallery (new location)
121 Clerkenwell Road
Jeremy Evans
dal 16/5/2012 al 21/6/2012

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Jeremy Evans

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Jeremy Evans

dalla Rosa Gallery (new location), London

The gallery inaugurates its new space presenting 'Book of Numbers' that juxtaposes delicate works on paper with meditative videos. Performance "Exactly, What, Exactly" on Thursday 7 June, 7 - 7.15 pm.

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Book of Numbers juxtaposes delicate works on paper with meditative videos. Real and theoretical boundaries that define culture, politics and nationality are laid out through subtle layering of white paper and thin lines of traced borders, factual socio-economic analysis is turned into topographic outlines and horizons.

Having once been told by a drawing tutor that if you only draw the outside you only get the outside, I decided to investigate this further. Using the idea that the more you are given the less you get I strip back the visual to its essential elements before inviting the viewer in to flesh out the work again. Working with lines, loops, layers, palindromes and the friction of contradiction I aim to create spaces to draw attention to how the viewer traffics with the world by filling, editing and narrating.
(Jeremy Evans)

After studying at the Sir John Cass School of Art and Chelsea College of Art, Jeremy Evans has exhibited extensively in London and abroad, and was included in the prestigious New Contemporaries (2008).

private view Thursday 17 May, 6 - 8 pm

PERFORMANCE of Exactly, What, Exactly on Thursday 7 June, 7 - 7.15 pm

dalla Rosa Gallery
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