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Paul Blanchard
dal 17/5/2012 al 11/6/2012
lun-sab 9.30-13 15.30-19.30 dom 16-19.30

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Galleria Immaginaria


Paul Blanchard

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Paul Blanchard

Galleria Immaginaria, Firenze

Advenae. Personale a cura di Bianca Roehle

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Venerdi' 18 maggio alle ore 18, inaugura la mostra personale di Paul Blanchard a cura di Bianca Roehle. "Paul Blanchard was born in Amsterdam, New York, in 1953. He was graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English from Hamilton College, and with a Master of Arts in Art History from Syracuse University. His scholarly interests focus on the history of architecture and spatial planning. An active visual artist as well as an art scholar, he has taught painting, drawing and the history of Modern art at the European study centers of several American universities, has shown his own artwork in Europe and the United States, and has placed work in major private and public collections. He has published widely in North America, Great Britain, France, and Italy, and he has contributed from time to time to European and American art magazines. In recent years he has become increasingly involved with landscape design, developing large-scale projects for sites in Europe, the Americas and Africa. He lives and works in Italy."

Stefano Turrini
dal 6/2/2015 al 6/3/2015

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