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Forth & Back

Limoncello, London

A Punctuation Programme organised by Tamsin Clark

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A Punctuation Programme organised by Tamsin Clark. In autumn 2011 fifteen artists were invited to design a poster, post it somewhere and document the piece in its chosen location. The event at Limoncello represents a point on the project's journey where all the works can congregate. Posters will cross paths in the gallery lobby, corridor and office or perhaps in spots more tucked away. Jake Tilson will be serving a small snack and a performance by Catalina Niculescu will take place at 8pm. The contributors are Richard Bevan, Melanie Counsell, Sean Edwards, The Everyday Press, Richard Healy, Ian Homerston, Pernille Leggat Ramfelt, Sara MacKillop, Jonathan Monk, Catalina Niculescu, Ben Oztat, Colin Sackett, Jake Tilson, Watts of Goodwill and Ian Whittlesea.

Santo Tolone
dal 29/4/2015 al 5/6/2015

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