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PhotoIreland Festival 2012
dal 4/7/2012 al 30/7/2012
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Angel Luis Gonzalez

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PhotoIreland Festival 2012

Different venues, Dublin

Vibrant, friendly, all-inclusive: a festival for all to enjoy. The 3rd edition will explore the theme 'Migrations: Diaspora & Cultural Identity' with 323 Artists, 73 Exhibitions, 50 Venues, 45 Events, 150 Publishers, 700 books.

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Celebrating its 3rd edition in 2012, PhotoIreland Festival will explore the theme 'Migrations: Diaspora & Cultural Identity', showcasing some of the finest national and international contemporary photography in and around Dublin city from 1–31 July, highlighting the importance of Photography & Image Culture in Ireland.

Official Festival Opening – 7pm Thursday 5 July – Gallery of Photography
Join us for a night of celebration with 13 exhibitions opening around the city and come together at the Gallery of Photography for the launch of Evelyn Hofer ‘Dublin and Other Portraits’ and David Monahan & Maurice Gunning, Living-Leaving at the National Photographic Archive, Meeting House Square.

We will conclude the evening with a video projection in Meeting House Square from 10.30pm.
Highlights of the festival include:
•‘On Migration’ at Moxie Studios 13-22 Jul
Artists: Dinu Li, Max Becher & Andrea Robbins, Mark Curran, Francisca Lopez, Gergely Laszlo, Anthony Luvera, Carlos Albalá, Roger Eberhard and James Nizam, Tina Remiz, Darek Fortas, Ieva Baltaduonyte, and Debbie Castro.
•‘Books on Migration’, curated by Irène Attinger, at Moxie Studios 13-22 Jul
•Book & Magazine Fair, and The lIbrary Project at Moxie Studios 13-22 Jul
•David Monahan & Maurice Gunning at the National Photographic Archive 6 - 22 Jul
•Evelyn Hofer at the Gallery of Photography 5 Jul-31 Aug
•Seán Hillen photos from the Troubles at the National Photographic Archive 26 Jul-30 Aug
•Jean Revillard, ‘Sarah on The Bridge’ at The Copper House Gallery 16 Jul-4 Aug
•Isabelle Pateer, ‘Unsettled’ at The Copper House Gallery 28 Jun-12 Jul
•El otro lado del alma / The Other Side of the Soul at Instituto Cervantes 6 Jul-1 Sep
Artists: Pedro Abascal, Juan Carlos Alóm, Jorge Luis Álvarez Pupo, Raúl Cañibano, Elio Delgado, Ricardo Elías Kattia García, Liudmila Velasco and Nelson R. de Arellano, Humberto Mayol, Ramón Pacheco, René Peña, Marta María Pérez Bravo, and Sandra Ramos.
•Jens Komossa, Television Rooms & Senija Topcic, Decency, at the Goethe-Institut 5-31 Jul
•Amelia Stein, The Big Sky and The Palm House, at Oliver Sears Gallery 21 Jun-27 Jul
•Mark McCullough & Suzanne Mooney, ‘Disparate Geometry’ at Monster Truck 6-28 Jul
•Adam Paterson, A Very Normal Place at Rua Red 30 Jun-4 Aug
•Jeanette Lowe, The Flats: Memories, Perceptions, Reality 12-22 Jul
•Adapt, group show at Broadstone Studios 17-29 Jul
•Joby Hickey, 20,000km at Sebastian Guinness Gallery 12-31 Jul
•‘Where Were You?’ at the Light House Cinema 7–22 Jul

Another highlight, as in the past years, is the OPEN Programme of the festival. This wide spectrum of exhibitions, installations, performances, and projections, related to Photography & Contemporary Image Culture are shown in over 50 vibrant venues around Dublin.

PhotoIreland Festival 2012
Migrations: Diaspora and Cultural Identity.

Migration is not only moving from one place to another, it is also a process of losing, rebuilding, defending and examining one's own cultural identity. The photographic medium has always been at the forefront of investigating these phenomena, producing iconic images, recording moments of change, questioning cultural identity.

With this year's theme we want to discuss and present issues related to Diasporas and Migration, their past and present impact on identity, culture and the imagination, place and space, emotion, politics and the complexity of transnational lives today.

The main exhibition, On Migration, will feature projects such as Dinu Li's Mother of All Journeys, Max Becher's & Andrea Robbins' 770, Isabelle Pateer's series Unsettled and Jean Revillard's Sara on the Bridge, among others. We will also present a selection of book dummies such as Francisca Lopez' Bandi Binder project & Gergely Laszlo's Collective Man, providing the unique opportunity to see these projects at a work-in-progress phase. Other artists include Francesco Jodice, Anthony Luvera and Roger Eberhard.

Within the theme, we will present David Monahan's project Leaving Dublin and Maurice Gunning's project on The Argentine Irish Diaspora at the National Photographic Archive.

Book & Magazines
Celebrating its second year, the Book & Magazine Fair (13-15 July) will offer two main exhibitions on the theme: Irène Attinger, head of the Maison de la Photographie Européenne's Library, one of the world's largest collections of its kind, will bring to Dublin a curated selection of photobooks. Featuring works by Augustus Sherman, Lewis Hine, Dorothea Lange, John Berger & Jean Mohr, Donald McCullin, Sebastião Salgado, Josef Koudelka, David Goldblatt, Frederic Brenner, Ad van Denderen, Alex Webb, Rip Hopkins, Ito Barrada, Joakim Eskildsen, Andreas Seibert, Patrick Zachmann, Jean Revillard, Alban Kakulya & Yann Mingard, Espen Rasmussen, and Thomas Mailaender.

In addition, the visitors will enjoy a selection of contemporary photography co-curated by five international photography magazines, including Camera Austria (Austria), European Photography (Germany), Fotografija (Slovenia) Kwartalnik Fotografia, (Poland), and Fotograf magazine (Czech Republic).

The fair will not only be showcasing The Library Project with its collection of over 700 photobooks, magazines and zines for everyone to browse, 2012 will bring an added highlight with selected international publishers exhibiting their latest publications. (Full list of publishers available online)

Symposium: ‘On Migrations’
The festival Symposium investigates 'Migrations: Diaspora and Cultural Identity', developed in collaboration with GradCAM and with the kind support of the Dublin City Council. It will take place on July 12 at the WoodQuay venue, and will be accompanied by film screenings, such as ‘The Mexican Suitcase’, directed by Trisha Ziff.

Portfolio 12
Portfolio 12, PhotoIreland's international Portfolio Review (13-15 July) represents our commitment to the educational value of the festival, not only critically engaging the artists into an open conversation on their work, but also supporting the development of their professional network.

The selection for Portfolio 12 is made after an open submission process where we particularly welcomed portfolios and photobooks associated with or around the festival theme. All submitted portfolios were pre-selected by a professional Jury: Peggy Sue Amison (Sirius Arts Centre), Nora Hauswirth, Leszek Wolnik (Fire.ie), Tanya Kiang and Trish Lambe (Gallery of Photography), Richard Mosse, Moritz Neumüller and Ángel Luis González (PhotoIreland).

The Photographers shortlisted for Portfolio 12
Eufalia Almeida, Pablo Axpe, Juste Balciunaite, Chloe Borkett, Noel Bowler, Nolwenn Brod, James Cant, Joseph Carr, Stephen Crossland, Chloe Devis, Attila Floszmann, Darek Fortas, Roger Frei, David Galjaard, Ali Hanoon, Asbjoern Jensen, Dragana Jurisic, Kasia Klimpel, Dionysis Kouris, Ben Krewinkel, Yaron Lapid, Barbara H Larkin, Mayra Martell, Tony Mc Donnell, Dara McGrath, Thais Medina, Wawi Navarroza, Kate Nolan, Miriam O’Connor, Cynthia O’Dell, Ethna O’Regan, Zoe O’Reilly, Tina Remiz, Gaspar Risko, Stefania Sapio, David Thomas Smith, Chun Soo Kim, Eric Stephanian, Amy Stevens, Kurt Tong, Andreas Tschersich, Dominic Turner, Fabian Unternaehrer, Catrine Val, Erik von Frankenberg
An international panel of professionals will review the shortlisted photographers. They are:

• Jan Babnik - Chief Editor Revija Fotografija Magazine, Ljubljana

• Pavel Banka - Chief Editor Fotograf Magazine, Prague 

• Walter Bergmoser - Curator & Photographer, Soul

• Reinhard Braun - Camera Austria, Graz

• Louise Clements - QUAD & FORMAT Festival, Derby

• John Duncan - Co-editor of Source Magazine, Dublin

• Gösta Flemming - Journal, Stockholm

• Nora Hauswirth - former CEO Sodapix, independent curator, Zurich

• David Kronn - Private Collector, New York

• Trish Lambe - Gallery of Photography, Dublin

• Dewi Lewis - Publisher, London

• Katarzyna Majak - Kwartalnik Fotografia, Września

• Karen McQuaid - The Photographers' Gallery, London

• Andreas Müller-Pohle - European Photography, Berlin

• Moritz Neumüller - PhotoIreland, Dublin/Barcelona

• Markus Schaden - Schaden, Cologne

• Dagmar Seeland - UK Picture Editor for Stern, London

• Leszek Wolnik - Curator & Strategist, The Copper House, Dublin

For more information
Angel Luis Gonzalez calling 087 6856169 info@photoireland.org

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