Emerson gallery
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Barbara Fragogna
dal 31/7/2012 al 10/8/2012
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Barbara Fragogna


Barbara Fragogna

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Barbara Fragogna

Emerson gallery, Berlin

My Cage Is Your Palace Project. ...noch mehr Italiener in Berlin. Pittura, disegno, installazione.

comunicato stampa

There have been moments -When I felt in the mood- That I’ve lost consciousness To be aware of life So I said: “You’re welcome!” Through an overwhelmed explosion of enthusiasm. There’s been an icicle falling right there, On the top of my skull. The head was big, Better I would say long, in a torpedo’s shape. I was ashamed but I didn’t know why. I asked you please to step by.

Introduced to my tongue You climbed down To the centre of the house. There you’ve found a beating muscle In a suitable red dressing Jumping bright, dumped and happy.

The house was me, Built on concrete, flesh and bones. All melt together by an intense Burst of passion, desire and love. Everybody’s been able to notice the wild forest In the middle of the hall, The gate is wide open, Like my stomach Waiting to host the Host.

I’ve recognized in you the similar, The equal fantasy And it was true. So you climbed even more Sinking down below To reach the other centre Of this architectural wonder.

You discovered a pulsing flower Crying for you to enter its garden. You brought me water. I gave you a flavour, a scent, the essence. I was embraced by thunder, My soaking vibration. You left me a note: “See you next life.”

I died right there And in a second I was born again.

My new life is now, Special guests crowd the house Celebrating the newborn emotion. They toast sipping holy-bloody-good wine.

I still feel my mind To be bigger than this Cage. I still feel these arms To be shorter than you all.

But you breathe the fresh air in my Palace Because there’s no ceiling, nor roof at the top.

Opening august 1st, 7pm

Emerson gallery
Schiffbauerdamm, 19 - Berlin

Barbara Fragogna
dal 31/7/2012 al 10/8/2012

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