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Turn On, Tune In!
dal 5/9/2012 al 4/10/2012
Tue - Fri -3pm - 7pm

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Mark Jones

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Turn On, Tune In!

Factory-Art gallery, Berlin

Group show with Niels Smits Van Burgst, Amarie Bergman, Jeylina Ever, Gionata Gesi Ozmo, Alexander Kosenkov and many more.

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Rosemarie Allers-AR, Amarie Bergman-AU, Dan Crosby-UK, Jeylina Ever-FR, Gionata Gesi Ozmo-IT, Dalila Goncalves-PT, Simon Gush-ZA, Alexander Kosenkov-RU, Craig Larotonda-US, Daniel Pesta-CZ, Anne Plaisance-PL, Niels Smits Van Burgst-NL

Catalogue: "Turn On, Tune In!"

Here we go! We are at the 5th appointment of the project started the 2nd January 2012 with the democratic title "YOU CAN TELL ME!
In these six months a huge work has been done. The exhibitions set up in this time found a very good feedback but more, much more have to be done to establish this talent scout project. We are working very hard, harder than ever, in this direction. We hope curators, collectors and galleries take out from our work and use our efforts to discover new artists. From many artists participating went out really interesting ones. All selected artists will be published in a great final 2012 Project Berlin catalogue.
The catalog will be presented during an international art fair where from all exhibited artists will be selected, by international curators, 6 artists to be exhibited.
We hope to give visibility and help good artists to emerge.

We're looking forward to meet you!

Mark Jones

Opening: 6 September 6pm > 9pm

Factory-Art gallery
Mommsenstrasse, 27 - Berlin
Tue - Fri -3pm - 7pm

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