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Paul Snell
dal 5/9/2012 al 28/9/2012
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Paul Snell

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Paul Snell

Colour Factory Gallery, Fitzroy

The Persistence of Vision. Targeting a specific colour palette and dynamic range, the artist's tactic is to initiate visual reception as a felt experience.

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The concept of persistence of vision is over 100 years old. The main premise of the theory is that the human eye retains images for a fraction of a second thus making our reception of the world via the eye a combination of the present and the past. In film this theory accounts for our ability to perceive 24 frames per second as a continuous moving image because the persistence of the image in the eye completes the gaps between frames. Paul Snell’s non-representative, non-figurative images can be understood as extending abstract and minimalist legacies with an investigation into pure form and colour but as with those artistic ‘isms’ this would establish an overly reductive reading. So while Snell’s work is purely formal, self-reflexive and anti-illusionistic in its intention it also seeks a dialogue in the sense of perceiving and using visual levels of perception to create a physical, mental and sensorial experience.

Snell’s images literally attack the eye. Targeting a specific colour palette and dynamic range - the artist’s tactic is to initiate visual reception as a felt experience – the result of colour’s effect and its visual persistence on the eye as a physiological strategy. Snell’s images work in this way – they call for a reflective turn away from the works as objects – belying our initial response – and towards the act of viewing and its existential implication on the body-subject: the viewer. - Matthew Perkins, 2012

Paul has exhibited extensively in commercial, public and artist run galleries in Australia. His most previous solo exhibition ‘Codes and Conventions’ was at Colville Gallery, Hobart earlier this year. He has been a finalist in many awards such as Flanagan Art Prize, Ballarat and the Mount Eyre Art Prize, Rex-Livingston Art Dealer, NSW. Paul’s artwork features in several public collections including Artbank. Paul is represented by Colville Gallery, Hobart.

Image: Pulse # 201207, 2012

Opening night Thursday September 6, 6-8pm. To be opened by Matthew Perkins, Studio Coordinator, Photomedia, Monash University

Colour Factory
409-429 Gore Street | Fitzroy, VIC 3065, Australia
Gallery hours: Mon-Fri, 10-6. Sat 1-4

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